Whitenicious By Dencia Organic Skin Brightening & Clarifying Body Crème Review

Are you annoyed at having to deal with your uneven skin complexion? There are so many products today that claim they can address such skin issues. While they all claim to be effective, you should also do your own research if the product really does work.

One of the creams that claim that it can address dark spots as well as uneven skin complexion is Whitenicious. In this review, we will look at the important information that you need to know about the product so you will be aware of its pros and cons before you buy it.

What is Whitenicious?

Whitenicious is among the high-end skin care products in the market. It is produced by Dencia, a pop singer. Many will love the product because it is designed to be used for various skin types. Whitenicious is a skin brightener. It is a good product to consider for those who have acne, dark knuckles and knees, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation.

For those who want to have a brighter and more even skin, this cream is worth a try. Dencia made sure to work only with the best chemist and experts to develop Whitenicious. Users of this product can apply this cream confidently knowing that it is effective.

Why was Whitenicious Developed?

Whitenicious is a product Dencia who is a pop singer known internationally. She is of African descent and was from Nigeria originally. With the goal of wanting to help other women dealing with skin spots, she started her own cosmetic line with products such as Whitenicious.

For most African women, they have a naturally uneven complexion. This is because some parts of their bodies have more melanin. To balance out those levels of melanin on certain areas, Dencia decided to produce a product that can make the skin smoother and more even.

How does the Whitenicious Cream Work?

Whitenicious is a promising product. In fact, when it was launched, it was immediately sold out within just two weeks. According to Dencia, the cream is made of high-quality ingredients as well as all-natural extracts from plants.

There are two main products in the Whitenicious line. One removes the dark spots on the skin, and the other brightens the skin, fighting off hyperpigmentation. This product is great for people who want to have a more even skin tone.

Pros of Using Whitenicious

  • This product does not have any harmful chemicals or bleaching ingredients.
  • There are high contents of C and E vitamins.
  • The cream can even out the skin complexion.
  • It addresses hyperpigmentation.

Cons of Using Whitenicious

  • As great as the cream seems to be, it lacks clinical study to strengthen its claim of being effective.
  • It can be quite expensive with a price range of $50 to $150.
  • The ingredients used in the product are not clear. People with overly sensitive skin should try only a little amount first to see if there are any unwanted side-effects.

What are the Side-Effects of Using Whitenicious? 

It is possible that this cream may cause some skin irritations. You should be careful not to use it if your skin is damaged. However, Dencia does claim that the creams can be used to treat acne. But acne causes damaged skin. To be safe, try not to use it for damaged skin.

When trying the product for the first time, only apply a small amount and wait for a few hours to see if your skin reacts to it. You may have sensitive skin and the product, since not all of its ingredients are listed, may have ingredients that are too strong for sensitive skin.


Whitenicious is a promising product. It is endorsed by a famous pop singer, making a lot of women trust the effectiveness of the product immediately. Dencia stated that the product was made by working together with a renowned chemist. However, the name of the chemist is not mentioned.

The cream also doesn’t have a list of its complete ingredients. As a customer, you would want to know what you are going to put on your skin. It would be best if Whitenicious can provide their full list of ingredients so that users will be aware of what they will be applying on their skin.

📌If you are interested to know if Whitenicious is truly effective or not, it is best to visit forums where users share their experience with the product. More than Dencia’s endorsement and promise that the cream does work, customers are the best source of real information if the product is indeed effective. 

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