Vaginal Tightening: How To Make Your Vag Tighter Surgically, Non-Surgically And Naturally

A loose vagina is a cause of concern to a number of women. It does not only make your vagina less appealing but decreases vaginal sensation too. Thus, vaginoplasty exists to bring your vajayjay to its original tightness.

How to keep it tight down there? Do you know that more and more women have become conscious to the tightness and shape of their vagina post-birth. In fact, labiaplasty is among the surgical procedures that have become more in-demand over the years. More surgeons are also offering this in their field of practice.

If you haven’t heard about vaginoplasty or labiaplasty, but you are interested in these procedures, then you are just on the right page. But this page will be discussing the former in detail as we are more into vaginal tightness.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

How Do You Know If You Are Loose?

Vaginal tightening occurs naturally when the pelvic muscles tighten to achieve or maintain the right degree of elasticity of the pelvic floor muscles.

Initially, the vaginal muscle tissue is tight and contracted. This is the reason inserting tampons are challenging for young girls.

However, when you are sexually aroused the vaginal muscle tissue relaxes. It allows for easier insertion of erection.

In addition, your vagina is flexible that it can accommodate supersize penises. But in most cases, it loses its elasticity over time especially after you give birth.

Aside from childbirth, vagina changes during menopause. The vagina and vulva can lose thickness and its color may change from pink to a paler or darker hue.

The clitoris can shrink, the labia can loosen and there maybe shrinkage of some tissue. When the estrogen level drops women will experience dryness and tightening which may be a real cause of discomfort whenever you get intimate in the bedroom.

So, back to the state of your vajayjay. How to know if you are still tight or already loose? Here are some signs of a loose vagina. Check it out and determine if your lady part is still tight or already loose.

1. Urinary Stress Infection

The majority of the women who lose vagina tightness experience urine leakage, which is also known as stress incontinence. Your muscles that support the release of urine and bladder become weak. So, you can no longer control yourself whenever you pee.

Your pelvic floor muscles weaken as you age or after menopause due to low estrogen level. Childbirth or injury to your urethra and pelvic surgery can also make these muscles weak and results in a loose vagina.

Stress incontinence is different from common incontinence when you leak urine when you do activities like lifting heavy objects, laughing or sneezing.

Other factors that aggravate the signs and increase the risk of stress incontinence include obesity, excess urine from diabetes, frequent coughing and urinary tract infection.

2. You can’t grip your index finger

Try this test, slide your forefinger into your vagina and clasp it with the labia by contracting the muscles. Insert your middle fingers to assess tightness as compared to a single finger.

If you can insert your ring, middle and index finger together and cannot feel anything, then your vagina is most likely loose.

3. You struggle to achieve orgasm

Getting intimate with your partner is difficult at first. It’s painful but over time you will eventually enjoy it. However, when you don’t climax lately then you are probably having a loose vagina.

If you have a tight vag reaching the climax shouldn’t be difficult. In fact, you can easily achieve multiple orgasms. Also, you would be able to detect and control orgasms whenever it approaches.

If you are not enjoying your sex life anymore because you can’t just orgasm as much as you want it, then your partner is probably feeling the same thing too. Men can feel it whenever they penetrate you and they know when you are loose or tight.

4. You become more insensitive down there

If you slithered into your vagina and after a few stimulations you can’t still feel anything, then you are probably loose. Inserting a larger object can bring some benefits for increased sexual pleasure. But this is not the solution.

5. Reduced sexual pleasure

With a loose vagina, you will likely experience reduced pleasure. Your partner will probably experience the same. Men never get bored with a lady who is tight. Both men and women want a tight vajayjay.

Do you experience any of these? How do you do with the test? If after evaluation you find yourself loose then do not worry because there are things that you can do for it.

In the next sections, I will discuss the different solution to revitalize your original tightness. So, keep reading.

There are surgical, non-surgical and natural ways to tighten your loose vagina. There are also pills, creams and soaps that you can use. Check out what’s best for you below.

How To Make Your Vag Tighter?

A number of women experience loose vagina after child birth. A loose vag after birth lessens sexual pleasure and it decreases the aesthetics of your vajayjay. This becomes a source of shame to some women.

The worse thing about this problem is that it’s not easy to open up with our friends and even doctor. In my search for solutions to this problem, I come across hundreds of women who also ask the same question as me: “how to tighten your vagina.”

I continue my search for medicine to tighten vagina and I come across a number of solutions. I’ve learned that there are surgical, non-surgical and natural ways to tighten your loose vagina.

There are also pills, creams and soaps that you can use. It took me days and weeks to finally understand the ins and outs of a loose vagina. I am here to help those who are feeling the same way as I did.

So, I compiled these vaginal tightness solutions for you. Check out the different ways to make your vag tighter below.


If you are willing to spend to revive your vajajay’s tightness, the easiest way is to get a surgery but this can be costly not to mention risky.

Vaginoplasty is different from labiaplasty. Each procedure has different purposes.

Vaginoplasty is a procedure that aims to “tighten up” a vagina that becomes loose due to childbirth or aging. This is also called vaginal rejuvenation because tightening also increases sexual gratification.

Meanwhile, labiaplasty is a plastic surgery on the labia. If you are asking yourself this question “how to tighten vag lips” then this procedure is for you.

Labiaplasty changes the size and shape of your labia and makes them smaller. It also corrects an asymmetry between them. This can be performed alone or with vaginoplasty.

The process may take one to two hours. It offers tons of benefits depending on the center where you will get the procedure. Some doesn’t just tighten your vagina walls but improves the aesthetics of your vaginal area too.

Non-Surgical Vaginal Tightening

If you are afraid to go under the knife, then do not worry because there are still ways to improve your tightness. There are several non-surgical and non-invasive vaginal tightening procedures that make for a good alternative to getting back your tight privates.

The good thing about non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment is that it is available in different ways. You can choose from vagina fillers, radiofrequency, laser labiaplasty, platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP) and threads.

Non-surgical vaginal treatment is also costly. In fact, in the long run, it might be expensive as you have to do three sessions and then do it again after 6 to 12 months or as needed.

1. Vaginal Tightening Cream

If you are not ready to spend thousands of dollars for a surgery or non-surgical procedure, then you can try different vaginal tightening products like creams and gels. This is less invasive and based on the reviews from other users, this works too.

The great thing about creams and gels is that they work immediately. You just have to apply this to your vagina for a couple of minutes before you get intimate with your partner and you will immediately feel the tightening of your vagina. In addition, these products are much cheaper.

2. Vaginal Tightening Pills

As an old adage says “there’s a pill for everything.” So, yes, there are also pills that you can pop to get your vagina tight again.

These pills are made from natural ingredients and powerful herbs that help tighten your lady parts. In addition, some pills offer more than that because its active ingredients can also help improve libido and lubrication.

3. Vaginal Tightening Soaps

Unlike most soap, this one is made with modern science with stem cell technology and high-quality ingredients that aims to clean and revitalize your privates. It moisturizes, neutralizes the vaginal bacteria and tightens vaginal wall.

If you do not want to spend so much for your vaginal tightening journey, then you can start with this product.

Natural Ways to Tighten Your Vag

For those who wish to rejuvenate their privates without spending so much, don’t worry as there are also ways to get back your original vajajay’s tightness using the solutions that are readily available at home. For instance, vinegar and aloe vera are among the home remedies.

In addition, there are workout routines that are proven effective to help you improve your loose vagina. For instance, Kegel exercises have been proven effective in getting the job done.

There are a lot of things that you can do with your vagina to get it back to its original tightness without spending so much. So, don’t ever feel that you are helpless when it comes to your concerns down there.

If you can’t afford the surgery and non-surgical methods to tighten your loose vagina, start with the natural ways. Most of the elements are available at home.

If you are willing to spend you can start with the pills, creams and soaps. You don’t need to feel helpless and be in despair with the condition of your vajayjay after having adorable kids. You can still do something about it, you just have to take actions.


Vaginal tightness is a real problem among women who aged or have given birth. This condition can also affect your sexual pleasure and how you achieve orgasm.

📌Fortunately, there are a lot of things that you can do to improve your loose vagina. You have a wide variety of options from getting a surgery, opting for non-surgical procedures or using natural remedies that are mostly available at home.

There are also vaginal tightening creams, pills and soaps that can definitely help improve your tightness down there. Never ever feel that you run out of choice because you don’t.

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