Running Nipple Covers: Using Pasties, Nip Concealers To Avoid Chaffing (For Women)

If you’ve been running and like wearing thin tops, you’ve probably feel sensitivity in your nipples.

You may feel as if they’re burning, sore, or worse bleeding. You need to wear running nipple covers to prevent chafing when you jog or do any sports activities.

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Pasties prevent chafing when you sweat out, which can be harmful to your breast.

It allows you to just think about exercising and not what you’re feeling in your boobs.

We’ll look into the Best Nipple Covers for Running, so you can just get up, break a sweat and have no worries.

What Are Nipple Pasties for Running?

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When you take on intense running or working out, your nipples start to harden, it’s simply physiological response and your body reacts to the physical exertion.

This happens since your nipples have neural endings, which are over-responsive to pressure.

When you sweat, your body boosts lots of blood flow, all over your body, making it even closer the skin surface, which explains why some people ‘blush’ or ‘turn red’.

However, there are times some girl’s nipples harden when it’s cold – which could be a hormone imbalance response to increased heart rate and elevated breathing.

When you merge that with the friction and rubbing of your top, you’ll feel chafing on your teats.

Wearing nipple concealers allows you to feel so comfortable when you work out in the gym, run a marathon, or just jog around the park.

Of course, it allows you not to worry that your cherry peek out and get the attention it’s not supposed to get.

Why Use Nipple Concealers When You Run?

Without safety set on your breast, hours of running might cause nipples to terribly be soaked in perspiration, which constantly rubs naturally and in the worst circumstances, burst into blood.

Even so, running on a chilly morning can further compound this concern.

This is quite common right now that there are products to prevent nipples chafing.

You’ll definitely need a treatment professionally done, (not just band-aids) so you can strategically use them as a cover between the tits and the friction that would cause the chafing. This would take away any potential problem, at least removing any worry of discomfort in your nipples.

Who Needs Pasties?

Most girls who like to run, or even those who take part in demanding physical activities could be at risk of nipple irritation.

Women in the following activities should consider using pasties, not just for health reasons, but also to avoid being the object of attention in public.

  • Running
  • Aerobics
  • Yoga
  • Jogging
  • Weightlifting
  • Martial Arts
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Dancing
  • Softball
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Surfing
  • Swimming

Ladies are at higher chance of soreness in their tits, and thus would need to cover that exact spot of their boobs during a sports activity.

The persistent rubbing of clothing on the nipple can lead to:

  • Irritation
  • Soreness
  • Infection
  • Scratching
  • Chafing
  • Bleeding

The harmful conditions we’ve mentioned can cause either humiliating or distressing experience, notably for women.

More so, you also need covers if you’re a woman working in some environment (like school or gym class) and there’s a chance that your nipples would become sensitive.

At work, revealing nipples are a no-no, and just like a majority of females, you do not want your nipples being the focus of other people.

Importantly, women P.E. teachers who work often with children and younger students should make sure they have nipple coverage.

If you’re in such surroundings with gentlemen and some kids, for whom bosoms are an unfamiliar distraction, you would need to hide your nipples.

What Is Nipple Chafe

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Any woman who works out knows several familiar sensations: muscle pains, irritated pores and chafed skin.

It’s caused by the repetitive rubbing caused by your shirt touching on your titties. From that moment on, you’ll feel an uncomfortable stinging experience with each step, movement, and bump.

For some girls, this can even cause bleeding, not only damaging your favorite running shirt top, but also cause embarrassment.

So, why do the tits sometimes feel on fire when you run or work out?

Nipples are quite softer, far more sensitive than another skin area. It has a lot of nerve endings, so they need to be sufficiently protected when it will be in extended contact with clothing and even sweating.

It may not be the first thing ladies think of when going for a run, but for numerous runners, nipple chafing can bring serious suffering and pain.

Why Your Nipples Chafe During A Run

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Chafing’s a common concern for joggers, and apparently where chafing varies individually for each person.

Nipple chafing is quite common in the summer. After your tops get drenched, the cloth continuously rubbing against the uncovered nipple begins to do its damage.

Then it starts to sting because the skin’s rubbed in a raw state, when it’s soft, then it further developed into bleeding if it continues longer.

Several runners know precisely what this means. If you’ve run sufficiently longer, you’ll experience an agonizing episode of chafing. It’s exactly where your skin’s rubbed naked from the repeated movements.

The result of skin rubbed on its surface, and perhaps, well over and over causes friction and wound. However, this may not be the case for all, since every person wears different attire, and it seems some may have different (or less) trouble spots.

How To Avoid Chafing While Running

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Fortunately, nipple chafe is really very easy to protect yourself from. You can easily put a pair of pasties before runs.

Applying the nip covers are straightforward and easy, just like applying band-aids.

However, be certain you’ll use concealers that will not shift or slide when you’re running.

Also, make sure that you understand how to dry your nipples, before you apply so it sticks fast and in place.

More so, always choose a clothing that’s especially light and gentle onto the skin. Some of these shirts are the quick dry or clima-cool running shirts.

Using Pasties When Running

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Protect your nipples when you go running, because it’s likely your breast tips will stay tender while you’re on the move.

The possibilities of them getting chafed again can be high. The easy way to protect them is by using pasties or other types of nipple guard.

Ladies may also experience chaffing from the base of their sports bra, so take note of that if you’ll wear sports top.

Many girl runners say they’ve not yet found a bra that’s totally chafe-free for long workouts.

However, you may decrease the chafing if you just wear pasties.

If you currently have a delicate breast, safeguard it using a good nipple cushion, perhaps something that can seal off on the skin, padded, sweat proof, waterproof and can sufficiently protect the chafed location.

Best Running Nipple Covers

Here are among the tried-and-true hacks to keep your nipples from chafing so you can make your heart pumping exercise as intensified as you want.

#1 NipEaze – The Original Transparent Nip Protector – Nipple Chafing Prevention

A best seller for nip concealing sports pasties, use NipEaze for daily wear, athletics, swimming, running, and other activities. It’s discreet, transparent, sweat proof, water resistant, and breathable.

For your nipple chafing prevention, this nipple concealer is comfortable, thin and easy to use. It’s available in 2 sizes: Regular 3/4″ and Extra 1″(for girls with larger nipples)

Keep in mind that NipEAZE needs to fit and in contact with the areola only, not necessarily on the skin around.

If you’re going to run, you’ll like what NipEAZE can do. How many times have you desired to wear a light-weight top when running, without having a bra?

Most girls just chuck on a slim top without worries, with some ladies getting over their nipple problems.

However, certain shirts can’t be worn, without having to wear another layer beneath (like a sports bra), and that will be very uncomfortable for some.

That’s why its breathable design and style, give you the freedom to put on whatever. It’s really comfortable that you may have it all day.

This is the perfect item for women who search for a moderate look in light-weight clothing when they’re moving.

One of the top choice for athletes and other women who have nipple chafing.

With its tough adhesive and sweat tolerant design, it likewise a protect your tits from continual friction in your garments.

Because it’s thin and breathable, it offers you the freedom to utilize any tops whatever you want while you run – no more special shirts or even messy roll-ons!

The pasties are not that difficult to apply, as it’s unobtrusive and quite comfortable to have all day. It’s water-tolerant and transparent, so using a pair is hardly visible as it protects the titties, even if you profusely sweat.

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 0.1 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 ounces
  • Bestseller for sport pasties
  • For daily wear, athletics, swimming, running
  • Discreet, transparent
  • Sweat-proof, water-resistant, and breathable.
  • Small for some

#2 Best Nipple Chafing Solution for Long Distance Runners, 20 Pairs by NipStrips

This Nip Guard Chaffing Solution is a clear adhesive by NipStrips. They’re painless and discrete, which can help you go the distance on race day or even on normal training days.

One of the very first anti-chafing item designed to discreetly protect your nipples. For the complete length of your run or workout without the need of pulling hair from your chest or harming your skin after removal.

Even though you need safety, it doesn’t indicate you want to highlight your nips with greasy, t-shirt staining lubricants, that awkwardly protruding on fancy tops.

Each package has 20 pairs, with the disc size of a quarter, so unless the chafing region is small, and isolated these would not be the best choice. I would think about other options for athletic adhesive tape.

These covers are unobtrusive, but still, no one will know for real until you’ve it. You’ll probably even overlook that they’re on, possibly until the next shower!

Really discreet, so that you’ll forget about they’re on. They come away fairly quickly but are not reusable. I really like them a lot better than other very similar products.

While using bikes, they stay in position after around 10-15 miles of running, thus no reason why they wouldn’t work for cycling.

I’ve tried several options on pasties and these are good. They stay in position through around half marathon. Also, they’re not irritating after repetitive use (in contrast to others) plus they’re easy to remove when done.

By any means pasties is not visible while in use. It’s very subtle, no standing out stuff with the running shirts, particularly when you’re soaked be it rainfall or perspiration. Stays on very well in most conditions.

Product Details

  • Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • Size: Size of a quarter
  • Includes: 20 pairs
  • Clear adhesives
  • Painless and discrete
  • Anti-chafing design to protect your nipples
  • Not for very long runs
  • Not reusable

#3 Nipple Concealing Sport Pasties For Athletics By NipEaze 4-Pack Value Size

This breast cover is also from NipEaze and comes with a 4-Pack Value. For your nipple concealing pasties needs in athletics, daily wear or even swimming. It’s an essential breast item anytime you need extra concealment

It also provides a discreet and transparent appearance, while it has a breathable, sweat and water resistant material. This is quite a versatile nipple chafing prevention aid, that’s comfortably thin and easy to use.

Likewise available in 2 sizes, remember that NipEAZE always fit and comes in contact only with the areola, and not the skin around the nipple.

Most girls love what NipEAZE can do. If you frequently wanted to utilize a lightweight running attire without a bra, this is one of the great pasties out there.

Some people have the same dilemma on how to run without hurting their nipples. With this, no specific shirts can’t be donned without sporting a couple of levels underneath, which can be a very not comfortable hassle.

With its breathable and controlling design, NipEAZE gives you the liberty to wear whichever gear, even whenever you need to run. It’s so secure, so it can be worn for hours on end.

It’s the best accessory for ladies who seek modest looking pasties while going light in their clothes. The clear option for runners as well as other athletes who experience nipple chafing.

Using its durable sticky and perspire resistant style, its sort of a shield that protects from constant rubbing between your clothing.

As it’s thin and breathable, it gives you the liberty to wear whatever you desire. More so, it’s easy to use, discreet, and comfy enough to get worn throughout the day.

Even surfers use it as it’s water-resistant and transparent, so wearing a set’s barely noticeable. Nevertheless, it shields your tits from the continuous friction from vest or straps.

Forget bloody nipples, no more nipples exhibiting out! The adhesive’s powerful enough and will keep the nipples tucked and taken care of.

Product Details

  • Sizes: Regular 3/4″, Extra 1″(for larger nipples)
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 0.1 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 ounces
  • Nipple concealing sports pasties
  • For athletics, daily wear or even swimming
  • Discreet and transparent appearance
  • Breathable, sweat and water-resistant material
  • Nipple chafing prevention
  • Comfortably thin and easy to use
  • Sometimes don’t stick properly

#4 Premium Best Quality Nipple Chafing Prevention – For Women Disposable Pasties Set

This nipple chafing prevention concealer allows you to go for that nippleless look. It’s comfortable and stretchable, while easy to use.

The disposable pasties set has the size of 35mm or 1.38in diameter and listed to include 100PCS (50PAIRS).

The material’s smooth, thin, comfortable, stretchable, and has exceptional adhesion. The full band is ventilated, which means that your skin can breathe adequately.

You can use it easily for longer time because it’s sweat-proof.

The Nipple Covers are made of double-layered rings, which has added gauze for hypersensitive nipple regions. The size of the gauze inside is 20mm (.79in), it’s, therefore, effective for most nipple diameters.

Combined with non-irritating sticky gel for sensitive pores and skin, leaving very little adhesive remains when taken out. The content’s clean, stretchable, and it has better stay on power.

Helps in protecting against nipple chafing when exercising or other sports activities. When you put on thin or light garments, you’ll feel as if there’s nothing, but of course, it’s there covering your nipples.

Before use, clean around the nipple and remove moisture content from the epidermis. If there’s hair on your nipple, then remove them too before using the pasties.

Apply it by pressing the nipple for 3 ~ 5 secs to attach the band effortlessly. Attach it to the pores and skin so that it stays tight. It should be attached right away.

Safety Reminders:

  • Don’t reuse this product
  • Don’t store in direct sunlight light
  • Store at room temp with very low humidity
  • Avoid continuous use in excess of 24 hours
  • Right after use, if you see any red areas, or feel any irritation, stop use and consult your skin specialist.

Product details

  • Size: Dia.35mm(1.38in)
  • Weight: 1 ounces
  • 50pairs(100pcs) nipple concealer
  • Disposable pasties Set
  • Nipple chafing prevention
  • Comfortable, stretchable
  • Easy to Use
  • Small for some users

#5 Nipple Chafing Prevention, Nipple Cover – NipEaze

For those looking for chafing prevention in their tits, this nipple cover from NipEaze is a 12pair nipple concealer that can provide your running protection needs.

It’s discreet and breathable so you know it would not irritate your skin. More so, it uses durable, latex-free adhesives so you’ve no problem putting them on, whereas they’re also easy to use.

Since it’s sweat and water resistant, you can run whatever the weather conditions. The pasties are comfortable and thin, so you can wear your trendiest running top.

As it lasts all day, no worries that it will fall off in the middle of your run. Available in 2 sizes, but remember, NipEAZE can’t be larger than the external areola diameter.

Most girls like to wear a light and thin top without having a bra but often worry about their nipples.

So, some ladies wear second or three layers, which were very uncomfortable when running.

A feature you should look for is a nip cover that’s breathable. NipEAZE provides you with the freedom to wear thin tops anytime. It’s really comfortable that it could be used all day.

This is the perfect accent for women who wear small and light clothing. NipEAZE is the obvious choice from athletes and other players who have been experiencing nipple chafing and irritation.

With its tough adhesive and sweat resilient design, the cover safeguards your breast from the ceaseless friction in between you and your garments.

It’s lean and breathable, so it provides you with the freedom to put on whatever you want when you run – no more specific shirts or layers.

It’s simple to apply, subtle, and comfortably adequate to be put on all day.

Even water sports enthusiasts use it because it’s water-proof, so it can be used even if there’s some rain or sweat. It can definitely help protect the nipples from constant rubbing from straps or vest.

Product details

  • Regular size: ¾” includes 15 pairs
  • Extra size: 1” includes 12 pairs
  • Product Dimensions: 4 x 0.1 x 3.5 inches
  • Weight: 1 ounces
  • For athletics, daily wear or even water sports
  • Nipple concealing sports pasties
  • Breathable, sweat and water-resistant material
  • Discreet and transparent appearance
  • Nipple chafing prevention
  • Comfortably thin and easy to use
  • Small for bigger nipples


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