27 Ways to Increase Breast Size Naturally By Exercise

You’re one of the unfortunate ones, aren’t you? Wait! Don’t go yet!

breast enlargement exercise at home

We totally know how it feels like to have loosely fitted clothes, being called a brick for being too flat, and slowly losing confidence. All you’ve ever wanted is to make your breasts bigger, and of course that is not a sin. Who wouldn’t want them?

An easy go-to would get breast augmentation surgery. It is 100% effective and very fast. Of course you’d have to take the risk of going under the knife before achieving your dream breasts. If you’re quite hesitant and want to get them without surgery, you could go all-natural and keep track of improvements and results.

There are a couple of ways to help you and tweaking you exercise habits a bit is a fast and effective one! Here are the best breast enlargement exercises that really work!

11 Breast Enlargement Exercises You Can Do At Home Without Equipment

Yes, you can do it there. To make breasts bigger at home, you don’t have to buy anything special or invest on something expensive. Put you old gym clothes on, get warmed up and start you journey with these easy breast enhancement exercises!

1. Push Ups – You’ve done these ever since you were young. You’ve been challenged to do a couple in gym class and now it’s time to relive those moments. It’s just better this time because your crush is not watching how sweaty you could get, and not in the good way.exercise for breast enlargement

It’s the most traditional way for natural breast growth. What you have to is to place your palms on the floor and bend your elbows to lower yourself down. You can kneel if you find it hard to do it on your toes.

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2. Chest Dips – This works on your upper body muscles especially your chest muscles and triceps. You have to look for a reliable chair that can carry your weight. Hold on to the edges of the chair and raise yourself up until your knees are parallel to the chair then bend your elbows to lower yourself down.

breast enhancement exercises at home

3. Wall Press – Do this as if you are doing the push-ups except you stand facing a wall. This basically exercises your pectoral muscles and is easier than doing it on the floor. Make sure that your body gets a diagonal inclination whenever your move yourself towards the wall.

4. Arm Swings – Arm swings do not only enlarge the breasts, they also tone them improving the overall appearance of breasts. This breast enlargement exercise at home has three different kinds. The first one is basically doing arm rotations. Make sure to stretch your arms over your head then slowly guide them down in a circular manner.

The second one requires the help of your lower muscles. Stretch your hands forward then pull them back until you feel your chests stretch. Do it twice, in the third set, bend your knees once you pull your arms forward and back.

If you own dumbbells or weights, you should try the third variation. Hold one with your hands together while squatting. Slowly raise the dumbbell as you stand, then throw it between your legs while you resume the squatting position.

5. Palm Pressing – This is a step that goes naturally with all exercise routines. It is very simple but helps. Just stretch your arm forward while your fingers are pointing towards the floow. Use the other hand to pull your palms back until you feel the muscles of your arms stretching.

6. Elbow Extension – A lot of women can attest to the effectivity of elbow extension exercises. One or the simplest way to do this is to hold a cane or something long handled with your palms facing upward. What you have to do here is to pull the cane slowly towards your chest and hold for 10 to 20 seconds then straighten your arms again.

7. Side Swerve – This is a no sweat sitting exercise. Although you are sitting keep in mind that you have to keep a good posture. With a straight back, place your hands on your hips then turn to the right. Maintain your position for 10 -15 seconds then switch to the left. Do 10 repetitions of this every day to make them bigger!

8. Shoulder Rounding – A mat would be very useful since you would need to lie face down. Once on the floor stretch your arms in front of you then feel your shoulder blades moving towards each other as you drive your elbows together while trying to lift your chest up. Slowly release them repeat.

9. Plank Reaches – This is excellent in making breasts bigger because of the intensive chest work done. Do a plank position and let your palms rest on the floor with your wrists exactly parallel your shoulders. Keep your body diagonal while lifting a hand straight forward. Do this with both hands for one rep.

10. Plank Walk – If you want to exercise your core and increase the size of your breasts while moving your shoulder muscles, you can do the plank walk. To accomplish, get into the plank position then lift your left foot and your right hand, when pulling back move one foot over to the right. After, do it with the right foot and left hand to reverse directions.

11. Cobra Lat Pulldown – This is a back exercise that keeps the spine aligned, improved posture, and is an excellent breast enlargement exercise. What you want to do is to lie on your belly with your feet together, elbows bent, shoulder blades squeezed and palms close to the chest. Slowly pull your feet apart then raise your hand over your head in a Y position.

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9 Ways To Increase Breast Size With Equipment And At The Gym

If you have a gym membership, you could ask your trainer to help you with these exercise steps to increase your breast size. They are fairly as easy as doing it at home, but you can go over these too if you want a little bit more challenge. Unlike those listed above, all of these require equipment that you can buy cheaply or normally seen in the gym.

1. Chest Press – You would need a stability ball and dumbbells for this enlargement exercise that really works. It also aids in toning once you already get bigger breasts. This targets your pectoral muscles mainly. Just lie on the ball and find you balance then stretch and pull dumbbells towards your chest.

2. Chest Fly – Chest fly only requires a dumbbell for each hand and maybe a mat. With a straight back then carry your knees up until you achieve a sitting position while lying down. Hold a dumbbell in each hand, stretch towards each other then retract keeping in mind that the upper part of your hand does not touch the mat or the floor.

3. Around the Worlds – This targets most of your upper body and arm muscles. This is also used to improve posture aside from getting bigger breasts. Usually done while lying on a bench, all you need to do is to stretch your hands above your head, then to your sides down to your legs. Do this repeatedly with dumbbells.

4. Rear Lateral Raises – This is done while sitting down and is great for toning shoulders. Sit all the way back on a workout bench and lift dumbbells until they are at the same height as your shoulders. Your palms should be facing up and make sure that your back is supported.

5. Renegade Row – This combines planks and dumbbells. Assume a planking position while holding dumbbells and lift your arm towards your chest by bending your elbow making sure it is as close to the body as possible. Lower your arm back down and lift the other elbow.


6. Y Raise – This is an ab and breast workout. Stand and keep your feet apart. From your sides slowly raise the dumbbells until you assume a Y – position while making sure that your shoulders blades are down.

7. Butterflies – You would need the famous butterfly press machine for this. Make sure that your starting weight should be at least 50 lbs and make 15 reps each. Make sure to take short breaks to avoid strain but do not drop the weights when catching your breath.

8. Lying Medicine Ball Chest Pass – This tones your body in ways you cannot imagine. Although very simple, it does a lot of wonders. You need a mid-weight medicine ball that you can throw upward and catch without hurting yourself. Just lie on the floor and do the throwing and catching.

9. Barbell Bench Press – This is a very famous and staple exercise and you can do this with a barbell or dumbbells. Lie on a flat bench with the bar lifted exactly over your eyes. Make sure to hold the bar evenly and let it sit on the base of your palm. Bend your elbows and lower the bar over your mid chest then beck up. Once that you are okay with the weight, you can add more.

 7 Yoga Poses To Increase Breast Size

You do not have to do these extreme exercises to get plump breasts. With breathing, meditation, and a whole new level of stretching, you can achieve the breasts of your dreams! To achieve optimum effects, you have to keep your mind, body, and soul aligned. Be sure to breath between steps, this is the most basic part of the process.

1. Ustrasana or Camel Pose – This is a back bending yoga position that improves blood flow and promoted breast enlargement. You would need to stretch your entire front body. You could do this while standing and kneeling. Push your buttocks then bend over backwards while slowly dropping your head and remaining in the position for 10 seconds. Take 2 deep breaths and repeat 10 times.

2. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose – Encouraging breast enhancement and stretching the stomach is what you can achieve with this snake pose. It also makes the buttocks rounder and increase spine strength. You should be lying on a yoga mat and without pulling your legs apart lift your upper body making sure that your hips won’t be lifted with it. Stay in this position for 5 counts. Remember to breathe every time you resume the initial position.

3. Stabdhasana – As one of the most exhaustive yoga positions, this improves blood circulation in the breast region that would surely help increase its size. To get to this position, you would need to keep you spine straight while sitting. After, bend your shoulder forward and put your palms together in front of your chest then press as hard as you can. Reduce pressure after 15-20 seconds and repeat 5 time sf or two weeks to get results.

4. Gowmukhasana Or Cow Pose – This one uses almost most of the parts of your body. It’s quite tricky since it involves other yoga poses too. Start with crossing your legs to do the lotus, now put your right palm over your left over a knee. Bring the right hand behind you with the back touching your spine. Your left hand will now go over the shoulders and lock with the right. Push your chest forward for 5-10 seconds them resume lotus position.

5. Dwikonasana – Known as the Double-Angle Pose, your body will form twin angles that stretches the pectoral muscles making the breast tissue become longer and thicker. Stand straight and interlock your fingers behind you. Flip your interlocked fingers then bend your upper body down while not moving any part of your waist. Move your hands slowly upwards to avoid straining your muscles.

6. Dhanurasana or Bow Pose – The bow position you make will help in increasing breast size and help if you are having a hard time conceiving. Lie on your stomach and take 3 deep breaths. Fold your knees towards your head looking straight forward. Hold your ankles for 10 seconds then release pressure after 10 seconds.

7. Vrikshasana or Tree Pose – Assume the form of the tree with this yoga pose. Along with increasing bust size, this trains the buttocks, and is a great stress reliever too. Raise your chest a bit while standing. Bend your right knee and make your feet rest as high as you can on your left thigh. After you find your balance, put your palms together and raise them above your head. Keep your chest pushed outward and maintain your posture with eyes closed for 1 minute. Do it with the other leg after.

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📌There are tons of exercise routines with varying difficulties that you could try to increase your breast size. Most of these are not only used for that purpose but also found to prevent breast cancer since it stretches the pectoral muscles. Whether trying the exercises at home or increasing breast size in the gym or with yoga, you will surely achieve results as long as you remain consistent for at least 2 weeks.