Foods to Increase Female Sex Drive

For women who have been suffering from low libido, we offer you a list of the foods to increase female sex drive. Include these in your diet and see a difference in your interest and performance in the bedroom.

Are you suffering from low libido? Do you find yourself asking this question “how to increase woman sex power” or this “how to increase sex desire in female”?

Maybe by now, you are thinking of getting instant female arousal pills or female sex drive pills over the counter. But what if I tell you that it’s not necessary as there are female viagra home remedies?

You can change your fate in the bedroom by eating the right food. Yes, there are foods that increase sex drive and stamina. Consuming foods that turn female on sexually can help you revive your dying sex life.

Here’s a list of the food that works like Viagra.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are major providers of antioxidants. This substance is known to improve libido.

A study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research involving 59 women with metabolic syndrome consumed a Mediterranean-style diet for two years. The diet is rich in fruits and vegetables and the subjects reported improvements in their sexual functions.

Here are some of the fruits and vegetables that you should include in your diet as they are sex food for female.


  • This is rich in folate and Vitamin B6 that boost sex drive and orgasm.
  • Black Raspberries. This fruit is rich in phytochemicals that enhance libido and sexual endurance.
  • Broccoli – This vegetable is rich in vitamin C that aids in blood circulation to your organs that increases your sex drive.
  • This is rich in magnesium and put you in the mood by increasing the blood flow below the belt. An increase in blood flow drives blood to the extremities and increases arousal while making sex more pleasurable.
  • Sweet potato. This starchy root veggie is rich in vitamin C that produces anti-aging collagen, energy-boosting iron and potassium that helps increase sex drive.
  • This is rich in minerals and vitamins that effectively enhance the libido.
  • This vegetable contains opiate that activates sex hormones, a good kickstart to put you in the mood.


  • Rich in vitamin C that helps boost libido
  • This fruit contains Citrulline that works like Viagra. This is a popular aphrodisiac for the sweet lover.
  • Rich in folic acid and metabolizes protein to give you more energy.
  • This fruit is rich in amino acids, vitamins C and E, flavonoids, beta carotene, niacin, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium which make it a potent libido booster.
  • Fig- This is an excellent stimulant and enhancer of pheromones.


  • This contains potassium, magnesium, zinc, selenium and antioxidants that increase sex drive.
  • Diabetes and high blood sugar levels can cause a drop in libido. Thankfully this spice lowers your blood sugar levels that result in an increase in your sex drive.
  • This spice contains estrogenic compounds that work to produce a similar effect to testosterone. It increases sex drive and stimulates sexual arousal.
  • This is a natural sexual stimulant that increases blood circulation, purifies the system, boosts the immune system and increases sex drive.
  • Increases the blood flow to the genitals and increases body temperature and energy that enhances your arousal.
  • According to a study, this can increase sexuality by at least a quarter. It has a warm flavor that lowers blood sugar levels in diabetic people.
  • This warms the body and increases blood flow towards the genitals.
  • This is a popular libido booster in Africa and India, This is even referred to as “viagra” for women.
  • Ancient Egyptians used this to increase sex drive in females. It is rich in chemicals that effectively arouse women.
  • Contains cineole that increases blood circulation in the sexual regions and is used to treat sexual disorders.
  • This is a potent treatment for low libido. The Chinese and Indian systems of medicine also used this as a cure for sexual disorders.

Nuts and Seeds

The following are another great solution to low libido. Munch on some of these seeds and nuts and see a difference in your performance in the bedroom.

  • Nuts – These are rich in essential fatty acids that are crucial in the production of hormones. It also contains amino acid arginine that boosts blood circulation in the genital area for enhanced arousal.

These include walnuts, peanut, cashew nuts and almonds to name a few.

  • Flax Seeds – Contains phytoestrogens that are similar to female hormones linked in a healthy sex life. This is great for women with low estrogen levels.
  • Chia Seeds – This is rich in omega 3 and 6, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber and antioxidants. This can effectively increase female sex drive, improve your circulation and increase your body’s ability for stimulation.
  • Pumpkin Seeds – This is rich in zinc and helps prevent testosterone deficiency. Women have testosterone too and the lack of it is another factor that leads to the decline of your sex drive.

Whole Grains Cereals

Whole grains cereals like oats are rich in L-arginine that improves blood flow in the clitoris. As a result, you will be more aroused and be in the mood for sex. Whole grain bran flakes also provide heart-healthy fiber and vitamins B for enhanced sex drive.

Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils are rich in fiber and proteins without saturated fat or cholesterol. If you need to replace red meat as your protein source, then you can turn to these plants to enjoy the same benefits.

Dark Chocolate

Have you found yourself asking this question: how to get a woman in the mood fast? Well, dark chocolate is the answer. It contains flavonoids and magnesium that make you feel relaxed and helps you de-stress to be in the mood. This also contains a compound called phenylethylamine that release endorphin triggered by sex.


This is rich in Vitamin B complex and helps fight stress while balancing the hormones.


Red meat is a great source of zinc, a libido-boosting nutrient and curbs the production of prolactin. Prolactin can impair your sexual function. So, enjoy your beef steak tonight!

Fatty Fish

Fishes are the top sources of omega 3-fatty acids. It can stop negative moods and boost libido. Salmon, herring, mackerel and lake trout are perfect for your libido.


This food is rich in zinc that helps in the production of testosterone. In addition, sucking and slurping are overtly sexual.

Wait, there’s more! I understand that aside from low sex drive, some women lose interest in sex due to vaginal dryness. For women who have lubrication problems and wish to bring back the moisture in their vajayjay, I created the next section for you.

Foods that Increase Female Lubrication

I understand that some women struggle to get wet down there which may result in itching, irritation and painful sex. If you are experiencing the same, the following food can help ease vaginal dryness.

  • Apple – This fruit has phytoestrogen phloridzin that is thought to promote better sexual function, arousal, ability to orgasm and lubrication.
  • Avocado – This libido boosting fruit can also enhance your lubrication and estrogen levels. It also strengthens the vagina walls keeping it healthy, thick and elastic.
  • Soy – This helps increase your estrogen level to add extra moisture down there. A low estrogen level causes dryness in the vagina.
  • Flaxseed – The phytoestrogen present in flaxseed increases the estrogen level to combat vaginal dryness and relieve menopause symptoms.
  • Fish – Fish oil for circulatory and heart is as effective in easing vaginal dryness.


We hope that our list above has answered your concerns about how to increase female sex mood through food. So, start adding those foodstuffs in your diet. Do not let your sex life suffer due to low libido because it’s not meant to be that way.

You do not have to buy any supplement or pills to boost your sex drive. Start improving your sexual health by eating healthy and incorporate the foods mentioned above in your diet.

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