Can Breast Augmentation Delay Your Period? – Breast Enhancement And Your Menstrual Cycle

Are you wondering if breast augmentation can affect your menstrual cycle? A number of women do. So, if you are looking for an answer to this concern, then you are on the right page.

Read more to learn how this procedure can affect your period. It is important that you are aware of this beforehand to save yourself from unnecessary worries.

Breast Augmentation and Your Menstrual Cycle

I knew a number of women who felt unease about their period after getting a breast augmentation surgery. Some had light spotting after the procedure, others had delays and some others missed their period.

📌Thus, I encounter a number of women who asked me if breast augmentation can affect their menstrual cycle. Others who were very regular were disturbed about the delay and missed period.

Meanwhile, some, especially those who were in a relationship and were sexually active considered the idea of being pregnant. Not all of them love the thought as some were still young and were still studying. Some were also concerned that they might need to look after their health for their baby. Of course, they don’t want to miss the first months of their pregnancy.

Thus, they started asking. Can breast augmentation delay my period? Can it be the reason that I missed my period?

There is no clear definition of a major surgery. So, it’s difficult to determine if breast augmentation is a major or minor surgery. However, most surgeons consider this procedure a major surgery because it should be approached seriously.

Plastic surgeons have a consensus when it comes to the relation of your menstrual cycle and breast augmentation. All of them agree that a breast enhancement surgery can affect your menstrual cycle. I will explain this further in the next section.

Breast Augmentation May Delay Your Menstrual Cycle

According to Garrett A. Wirth, MD, MS, FACS, there is a possibility that the procedure can affect your period. The stress of the surgery and the anesthesia can change your menstrual cycle. He has heard about this concern a number of times in his practice.

Victor M. Perez, MD, FACS, agreed. According to him, any situation involving stress can cause irregularities in your menstrual cycle. Peter E. Johnson, MD, has the same words to say. Surgery and anesthesia can mess up one’s period.

Johnson added that in some instances, patients tend to have an early period. Meanwhile, some patients experience a delay. Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS, added that there are also cases when some patients missed a period.

📌Breast augmentation is not an easy procedure. Any surgery or trauma to the body can interfere your menstrual cycle. Thus, if your period is delayed or if you already missed it and you just had a breast augmentation, the procedure might be the reason.

Also, in most cases, pregnancy tests are routinely performed by most plastic surgeons prior to the procedure. However, it is still best to have a pregnancy test to ensure if you are pregnant or not, especially if you had a sexual intercourse prior to your expected period. You can also consult with your OB/GYN if you want to.

Nevertheless, it would also be reasonable to wait for your next period prior to doing anything. Observe if your normal cycle resumes.

In general, although surgery and anesthesia can affect your menstrual cycle, its effects should be short-term.

First Period After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Each patient has a different experience when it comes to their menstrual cycle after breast augmentation. Some didn’t experience any difference. Others felt that their breasts were tender and tighter.

A number of women also felt that they were more sensitive, grouchy and moody during their period. They felt hormonal and emotional.

Some others experience heavy flow while others have a light one post-op. Others also experience extreme cramping and bloating.

I can’t tell you exactly how your first period after the procedure will be. But this section aims to give you an overview of the different experiences that women underwent in their first menstrual cycle following the breast enhancement surgery.

Breast Augmentation While On Period

Now, that you already know that breast augmentation surgery can affect your period, probably you are wondering if you can get the procedure during your period. The answer is yes.

A number of patients have undergone the procedure while they are having their period. In most cases, you have to schedule the surgery weeks or months away. This depends on the schedule of your surgeon.

If you go after a surgeon with a full schedule, you will probably wait for months to have the surgery done. By then, you might have missed to consider if you will be having your period at that time or not.

If you feel that you will be having your period during the procedure, you have to inform the pre-op nurse. In most cases, they will allow you to wear whatever is most comfortable for you. However, some may discourage the use of tampons. Others may provide disposable panties that you can wear with a pad.

Also, some may give you a pack of birth control pills that can delay your period for another 8-9 days. But this is really not necessary because having your period during breast augmentation is just fine.

📌According to Paul Vitenas Jr., MD, there is no reason to reschedule the surgery as it is completely safe. There is little blood loss during cosmetic surgery and it is manageable. But he added that some women are a bit more sensitive during their cycle. However, it is not a major concern.

The surgeons agree that your period is not a big deal. It does not affect the procedure, but it may be a hassle during your recovery.


If you are feeling disturbed because your period is due, but it is still not in and you just had a breast augmentation then perhaps the procedure is to blame. However, you have to observe your menstrual cycle. The effects of the surgery and the anesthesia on your monthly cycle should not be long-term.

📌Also, this is not the case for all patients. Some just have their normal period, some have delays and others have missed it. If you suspect that you are pregnant, you can take a pregnancy test. If you are not sexually active and you are sure that you are not pregnant, you can wait for the next cycle before you do anything. You can also consult with your OB/GYN.

If you have any concerns relative to your period and breast augmentation, feel free to contact us. Drop your questions below and we will try to address it.


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