5 Breast Reduction Cream Reviews

Ever feel uncomfortable with your oversized breasts that always draw unwanted attention? Do your extra-big boobs give you back and neck pain? You’re not alone that is a common problem among busty women. Fortunately, there is an affordable solution for that problem.

Maybe you are thinking of breast reduction surgery. While that is a potential solution, it is not something that most can afford. So, I bring you Breast Reduction Creams 2017 to help you find a safer and cheaper solution in reducing your extra-large bust.

Customers who purchased breast reduction creams experienced the following major changes in their lives:

  • From oversized boobs to smaller breasts (down to a few cup sizes)
  • From feeling frustrated about the inconvenience and pain of having big breasts to feeling enthusiastic about your bosom
  • From struggling with the pain and inconvenience it brings daily to enjoying relief
  • From being insecure to feeling confident

If you want to achieve the same changes in your life, look no further. I’ve been there and I experience all the pain and inconvenience of having overly large breasts too.

So, I totally understand your struggles that is why I’m sharing with you the best breast reduction creams that I’ve tried first-hand. Check out the table below for an overview.

Success Rate
Alexaderm Breast Reduction Cream
Can help you decreate up to 50%. Completely safe.
Expensive. Results may vary.
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Hasmi Breast Reduction Cream
Reduces breasts and enhances its attractiveness. Affordable.
Results may vary.
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Naturalis Breast Reduction Treatment Cream
Reduces and shape up breasts. Adds firmness.
Not for lactating moms and ladies below 16 years old. Needs massaging and scheduling
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Mayo Absolute Breast Less Hot and Cool Gel
Reduces Breast. Passed GMP and FDA standard.
You need to use two gels. Tom vest is uncomfortable.
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Curve-Appeal™ Breast ReduX Cream
Reduces breast fat and sagging. Firms and tightens breasts.
Limited information. You have to perform exercises.
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Do You Need A Breast Reduction Cream?

In general, men and women love big breasts. That’s what most of us believe because one’s bust adds curves to her overall shape. However, this is not always the case.

There are girls that are overly well-endowed to the point that they wanted to reduce their size. I came from a well-endowed family. Most girls in our clan are busty. So, what I will be sharing with you now is a story that is true to me, my sisters and girl cousins.

In the family, since all of us have large breasts we rarely talk about it because it’s normal. One day, my sister and cousin saw me struggling with my button down shirt.

📌 I couldn’t wear it long enough with the buttons in place. It seemed to have its own life and automatically opens up without me knowing. The next time I check it the buttons are already open. My sister and cousin advised me to just change my top.

On that day, we opened up about the different struggles we have concerning our big boobs. And, yes, we can all relate to each other’s predicaments.

Do your big boobs give you neck and back pain?

Have you experienced the inconvenience of dealing with unwanted attention because of your oversized melons?

Was there a time when strangers just stare at your breasts to the point that you feel you are already abused?

Was there a time when you knew that you are dressed appropriately but people only notice your breasts?

Have you experienced the difficulty of finding a blouse, swimsuit or dress because while it fits perfectly on the other parts of your body, it just can’t contain your breast?

Do you agree that your breasts appeared to be jumping out of any revealing dresses?

A busty woman like us has a number of struggles every day. We don’t often discuss it but, we experience it regularly.

Were there days when you wish your breasts are smaller than they are?

If you do, then breast reduction cream and lotion are for you. A number of well-endowed women like me and you have been using this to decrease their bust and I am pleased to inform you that they worked.

5 Best Breast Reduction Cream Reviews

For women who also wish to reduce their breasts like me, you should know your options. Yes, breast reduction surgery is the most effective solution, but the cost and risks that come along with it are not for everyone. Breast reduction creams are the safer and cheaper alternative for us. In this page, I will share with you the trusted brands that helped me reduce my oversized boobs. I hope that they will also work for you the way it did to mine.

1. Alexaderm Breast Reduction Cream Review – The Cream That Will Give Your Twins A Makeover

Alexaderm knows that big breasts are beautiful, but it’s not the case all the time. Size matters when it comes to breasts too. Oversized boobs can be inconvenient and painful, so breast reductions are manufactured to help us achieve this.

Alexaderm Breast Reduction and Contouring Cream is a powerful and natural solution to improve the size and overall appearance of your breasts. It is made of organic ingredients that have been tried and tested over the years for its beneficial properties for skin care and overall well-being.

This cream naturally decreases the size of your boobs without any risks and side effects. Not to mention, this is so much cheaper than getting a breast reduction surgery and can reduce your breasts by 50%.

📌 The good thing about this cream is that it does not only reduce your breasts but makes it more attractive too. It firms and lifts your boobs for a set of melon that you will surely be proud of.

Usually, when it comes to this type of products, purchasing more bottles means big savings. The good news is that this is available in different packs. You can purchase one, three or four bottles. You will get a free bottle if you purchase four, so that will give you five bottles.

Also, you will save more because you only need to apply this once a day. It is gentle, nourishing and non-greasy. You will surely love its formulation.


Vitamin A -Retinol – use in skin care creams due to its potent anti-ageing attributes. This helps tighten and firm the skin around your breasts to lift it for a better shape.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice – This plant better known as aloe vera is popular for its healing and soothing properties. However, aside from that it boosts the rate in which fat tissue is burnt to speed up the proocess of your breast reduction experience.

Gingko Biloba Extract – This is a natural herb that boosts the production of collagen. Collagen is the binder between the layers of our skin when it depletes the skin loses its stability and begins to sag.

How Alexaderm Breast Reduction Cream works?

Alexaderm Breast Reduction and Contouring Cream is a product of years of research. It has been tested in an FDA approved laboratory. It sculpts your body without harming you in any way.

Alexaderm works because of its ingredients that seep through your skin and target the fatty cells in the breasts. By reducing the fatty cells in your boobs, you can expect a reduction in its size.

When you keep applying this cream for three months or more, your breasts will surely diminish in size. It will also be sculpted and contoured giving you sexier and perkier boobs.

How effective is Alexaderm Breast Sculpting And Body Contouring Cream?

According to the manufacturer, you can decrease your breast volume by up to 50% by using this cream. This product has 90% success rate and I can attest to this.

Based on my experience, I lost 2 cups sizes after using this for three months. Also, Angela Epstein loses a few centimeters on both sides of her breasts after using this for a month.

To diminish your doubts, take it from Katrina Edwards, Fitness Expert & Media Guru. Check out her recommendation below.

Here are more reviews HealthScamReviews

Alexaderm Breast Reduction Cream is a reliable and effective breast reduction cream. I highly recommend this.

  • Reduces breast
  • 90% success rate
  • Can decrease up to 50%
  • Completely safe
  • Painless method to reduce breast
  • Easy to use
  • Lifts and firms the breasts
  • Add definition to breasts
  • Tighten and firm breasts
  • No side effects
  • Prevents sagging
  • Fast and effective
  • Clinically tested
  • Expensive
  • Results may vary

2. Hashmi Breast Reduction Cream Review – The Cream that Trims Excess Cells And Fat 

Hashmi is dedicated to helping us achieve the breasts we desire. So, for us who find our oversized breasts uncomfortable, the company is bringing us this solution to reduce our breast size, pain and inconvenience.

Hashmi Cute-B Cream is manufactured to help you reduce your cup size naturally. As a result, you will enjoy the perfect set of breasts for your body frame.

This product is made of 100% herbs. It is safe, natural and has no side-effects. You can take this with peace of mind that you will not be dealing with any negative reaction.

Hashmi Cute-B Breast Reduction cream is a natural and safe treatment to decreasing the size of our busts. It tones the skin and brings back firmness in our breasts. In addition to this, it prevents sagging and gives you the right curves for a sexier frame.

📌 So yes, this will not only reduce but enhance your melons too. This cream is multi-functional. Aside from reducing it hinders breasts from sagging, improves breast shapes, increases firmness and maintains estrogen levels.

In the process you will enjoy smaller, firmer and perkier breasts. Your boobs will be far better than you’ve ever imagined without the cost and risks of a surgery.


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Vitamin A, Retinol, Ginkgo Biloba Extract

How does Hashmi Cute-B Breast Reduction Cream Work?

This product works by stimulating and balancing your hormones, specifically, estrogen. Estrogen is the main hormone that is responsible for female growth and development.

If estrogen level secretion is more than what the body requires for your development, it can negatively impact your body. If it is too low it can store fat, and fat is a major factor that enhances your breast size.

This cream works by maintaining your estrogen level that has a significant factor in breast reduction. It also eliminates the excessive cells in your breasts that can also cause overdeveloped breasts.

How effective is Hashmi Breast Reduction Cream?

I can personally say that this product has helped me reduce a few cup sizes after using it for months. This cream is recommended for use for two months for visible results. However, a number of women have experienced reduction in their first month of use.

This breast reduction cream in India is not as popular as Alexaderm, but it is as effective. In fact, aside from me, a number of other women can attest to its efficiency.

You can check out some of the reviews below:

  • 100% natural herbs combination
  • Natural breast reduction solution
  • Reduce heavy breasts
  • Gives you smaller cup size naturally
  • Trimmed excess cells and fat
  • Enhances the attractiveness of your breasts
  • Lifts and firms sagging breasts
  • Maintain estrogen levels
  • No side effects
  • Results may vary

3. Naturalis Breast Reduction Cream Review

If you want to improve your breasts’ size and appearance, this cream is here to help you, Naturalis Breast Reduction Treatment Cream reduces and enhances the overall image of your twins.

This cream only uses the purest and most effective ingredients so you can trust on its efficiency and safety. Its unique all-natural formula contains a proprietary combination of herbs known for their ability to balance female hormones and reduce its size while increasing firmness naturally.

Also, if you are pro-environment, I am pleased to inform you that this product benefits both the consumer and the environment.

Regular use of this cream combined with healthy living will yield better results. You can start to see changes in your size after just a few weeks.

📌 Perhaps, the downside about this product is that it is not easy to use. You have to massage your breasts and follow a schedule. For instance, you need to use it for three weeks and leave it off in the fourth week during the menstruation week. So, there is timing.

Also, unlike the other creams that are available in smaller bottle this is only available in 80 grams and it is very pricey compared to other brands. So, you have to consider your budget before purchasing this as it costs around $157 per bottle.

How Naturalis Breast Reduction Treatment Cream Works?

The power of this product is attributed to its ingredients, which target and reduce fatty deposits, glandular tissue of the breast and the surrounding skin of the areola. It reduces the size of the areola and elevates it to a normal position or just above the level of the fold where the breasts meet the chest. As a result, you breasts look firmer and smaller in appearance.

How to Use Naturalis Breast Reduction Treatment Cream?

To use this cream effectively, follow the following instructions:

  1. Shower and clean the breasts. Pat dry with towel.
  2. Apply the Naturalis Breast Reduction Treatment. (scoop 1 teaspoon level, apply half teaspoon level, apply half teaspoon on left breast).
  3. Step A and Step B

Step A

  1. Start on y our left breast and using your right palm, apply the cream.
  2. Apply a small amount at a time.
  3. Massage in circular movements. Start from the underarms.
  4. Continue the massage until the cream is absorbed by the skin.
  5. Apply another half teaspoon of the cream and massage again.
  6. Continue until the cream is all used up.

Step B

  1. Place your right palm on the left side of your breast, just below your collar bone.
  2. Apply moderate pressure and stroke the breast area from the top of the breast to the nipple.
  3. Bottom stroke upwards to the nipple.
  4. Then stroke both sides towards the nipple.
  5. Repeat Step 2 three times
  6. Repeat Step 3 three times
  7. Repeat Step 4 three times
  8. Do Step A and Step B this time on your right breast.
  9. It is recommended that you use this reduction treatment cream consistently to achieve your desired results.
  10. Use this twice daily, day and night.
  11. Stick to the routine for at least three weeks.
  12. Leave it off for the fourth week (during your menstruation week)
  13. Repeat the entire regime.
  14. Massage each side of the breasts for 20-30 minutes as desired

When you massage your breasts regularly, you will recognize any changes right away.

Special Notes:

  • This is not for pregnant and lactating moms
  • This is not for women under 16 years old
  • This is best applied after a hot bath, shower or vigorous exercise when the skin is still moist and warm

How Effective is Naturalis Breast Reduction Treatment Cream?

Naturalis peeked my interest because it is pro-environment. At that point, I felt that my current cream no longer works and since I still wanted to reduce my breasts I decided to try a new product and ordered Naturalis.

I did not expect so much from Naturalis because I thought my breasts are getting immune with all the breast reductions cream. But I am amazed that after using it for a month, my new bras were no longer tight.

I bought a new set of bras because the old ones are already too lose for my smaller boobs. After using this for a month, I realized that I need to purchase new bras again. So, yes, I can honestly say, this cream works.

A number of women other than me were also pleased with this product. Check out their testimonials below.

Naturalis is all-natural. It is safe and effective, you should try it too.

  • Reduces breast
  • Shape up breasts
  • Adds firmness
  • Made of purest and effective ingredients
  • Not for lactating and pregnant moms
  • Not for ladies below 16 years old
  • Needs to be applied twice a day
  • Need massaging to work
  • Needs timing
  • Expensive

4. Mayo Absolute Breast Less

This cream is another product that you can bank on when it comes to reducing your breasts. This is very popular among lesbians in Asia.

MAYO Absolute Breast Less Gel as its name suggests is manufactured in helping women who desire to reduce their breast. Although this product is more popular among tomboys, this still works for women who simply wish to achieve smaller breasts like moms whose boobs grow bigger after pregnancy.

This cream is made from natural ingredients that break down fat by burning it through sweat or urine. The product comes up with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and The Food and Drug Administration standards in Thailand.

Absolute Breast Less is available in two variants, Hot Gel and Cool Gel. Hot Gel focuses on burning fat faster. On the other hand, Cool Gel concentrates in reducing and fitting the shape. So, using both will give you smaller and better-shaped breasts.

However, using two gels may also cost you more. You have to purchase each gel separately. In eBay each gel costs $50, but you can purchase the two for $85. The price may vary depending on the seller and the store.

This makes MAYO Absolute Breast Less Hot and Cool Gel pricey compared to other items.

This product is very good in terms of efficiency, but its website is not comprehensive like the other brands. You have to contact them via Wechat or Facebook to order.

There is no purchase button or add to cart in the site, which I find inconvenient. Also, the default language is in Thai, when you convert it to English some buttons remains in Thai, which is not helpful at all.

How to Use MAYO Absolute Breast Less Hot Gel?

  1. Put a small amount in your palm. (Do not use too much because it may feel very hot)
  2. Apply gently on your breast except your nipples (No need to massage)
  3. Put on the tom vest for support and faster results.
  4. Keep fit and exercise daily.

How to Use MAYO Absolute Breast Less Cool Gel?

  1. Use as much as you can.
  2. Apply gently on your breast except your nipples. No need to massage.
  3. Put on you tom vest for support and faster results.
  4. Keep fit and exercise daily.

How effective is MAYO Absolute Breast Gel?

I learned about this product from my friends in Thailand. This product receives a number of positive reviews not only from tomboys who want to hide their breasts, but from women who also want to reduce their boobs.

I also used this for a few weeks and I must say that I was impressed. However, I feel a little uncomfortable about wearing the tom vest.

I realized that perhaps this is more popular to tomboys because wearing vest gives one a flatter chest. However, for women with oversized boobs wearing vest is kind of difficult as it can be tight, but there are

📌 When I used this, I was already at the point of doubting myself whether I need to lose more or not. There were times when I felt that my boobs are already perfect and there were times when I felt I still need to lose more.

So when I used this, I did not expect to lose so much and I did not intend to use it for long. I tried it for two weeks and I lost a few centimeters. So, yes I can definitely say this works.

Also, you can check their sites for more reviews. Unfortunately, it might not be that helpful as most are in their local language, Thai.

However, to help you decide and see how effective this cream works, here are some MAYO Absolute Breast Less Gel Before And After photos for you:

  • Reduces breasts
  • Made of natural ingredients
  • Works for mothers too
  • GMP standard
  • FDA standard
  • You have to use two gels
  • Two gels cost you more
  • You have to wear the tom vest
  • Most reviews are not available in English

5. Curve-Appeal Breast Redux Cream – Based From Science Not Magic And Delivers Results Not Miracles

If your breasts have outgrown your bra size, another cream that you can try on is Curve-Appeal Breast ReduX Cream. This is very convenient to bring and easy to use.

This particular cream targets to reduce chest fat, under arm fat and side breast fat. Thus, it works well in helping us reduce our girls when they go out of control.

It contains natural ingredients that tightens and firms the skin to avoid or reduce sagging. It also gives your breast a better shape by lifting the breast higher.

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This is safe to use and does not contain any artificial hormones. However, it is recommended that you also perform exercises to make this more effective.

📌 Exercise is essential for good results because it trippers development of pectoral muscles. Don’t worry the exercises will only take less than 5 minutes to perform.

Please take not that this cream is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  Also, the results may vary.

Unfortunately, this product is not as popular as the other brands. There are no testimonials online and information is limited.

However, I can assure you that this is worth trying.

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How effective is Curve-Appeal Breast Redux Cream?

I only learned about this product from a friend and then I started my search.  I was very pleased that I discovered this because it gave me another option to continue with my breast reduction journey.

I lost a few centimeters on both of my breasts after using this for a month. I can still say that it works, but I did not lose as much as the other creams. Perhaps, because I have been using a number of creams already.

Anyway, as mentioned, the results may vary. You may lose more or less than I did.

  • Reduces breast
  • Reduces chest fat, underarm fat and breast fat
  • Tightens and firms the skin
  • Reduces sagging
  • Lift your the breasts
  • Restores breast elasticity
  • You have to do some exercises
  • Lacks testimonials
  • Information is limited


Breast reduction creams work. They are as effective as breast reduction pills and as cheap compared to breast enhancement surgery, but it delivers the same results.

📌 If you want to enjoy smaller breasts without any risks and without spending too much, breast reduction creams are for you. All of the creams listed above work, but the results may vary among users. I urged you to try these creams and start your journey to a better and more confident you.


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