5 Best Electric Breast Pump

Are you a working mom who just delivered your bundle of joy a few months ago? I understand that going back to work while breastfeeding your baby is quite difficult. However, you should not be anxious, all you need is just a great breast pump so your child can still benefit from your milk even if you are away.

An electric breast pump will be very helpful for you in this case. This device will make breastfeeding easier even if you are at work. If you are a first-time mom or is already a mother to two or more adorable kids who wanted a new breast pump for your youngest child, then this article is for you.

Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump
Lightweight and Portable. Great Suction. Digital Display, Timer, Backlight. Tote Bag.
Poor quality
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Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump
Reasonable price. Lightweight and Safe. Efficient Vacuum System.
Poor suction
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Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump
Comfortable to use. Easy storage and travel.
Poor suction. Poor customer service.
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Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
Price is fair. Can be operated by power supply or battery. Easy to assemble and clean.
Poor suction. Noisy.
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Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump
Hygienic design. Compact Size. Quiet motor.
Poor quality. Suction doesn't hold well.
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5 Best Electric Breast Pump 2018

Electric breast pumps are very handy for moms who need to express milk for their newborns. The demands from our offices works, school or other tasks should not limit us from being a mom.

Breastfeed is recommended for babies. So don’t stop just because you need to get back to work. Instead, use electric pumps to express milk and to continue breastfeeding your little one. Here are the top electric breast pump for you.

1. Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

The Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump is the brand’s premiere frequent-use pump. It is ideal for home, on-the-go or when going back to work.

This electric pump delivers premium features with 32 settings, three assorted flange sizes (30.5 mm, 28 mm, and 24.5mm) and a hygienic closed-pumping system. To make your purchase even more worthy, it will include access to two practical and proven breastfeeding educational programs from expert Shari Criso.

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It also includes flanges that fits you well. Since this comes with the accessories it needed, you will save money by getting this model. Its design prevents milk backup to keep the milk as pure as intended. Its close system gives a barrier that prevents the milk from entering the tubing while the integrated bottle holders gives you the extra “hand” when you need it.

📌What you would probably love in this model is its personalized pumping. It has Advanced Comfort feature that ensure that you can adjust both speed and suction settings. It also comes with simple push control buttons with light indicator to let you know your current setting. This function also allows you to express as much milk as possible with each pump session.

For maximum comfort, the package includes different breast shield sizes to ensure that it will fit your breasts whether its small or large.

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While this product is great in almost all aspect, its suction is poor. A number of users complained about this issue. In addition to this concern, the pump is noisy. It is quite uncomfortable to use it in the office.

It’s natural for every product to have a set of pros and cons. After all, customers respond or use it differently. So, it is now up to you to weigh if it is worth it or not. As for me, I still find Evenflo Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump one of the most reliable electric pumps that I’ve tried.

What’s Inside The Box

  1. Evenflo Advanced DoAdvanced Double Electric Breast Pump
  2. 5mm Flange Kits(2)
  3. 5mm Soft Flange Inserts(2)
  4. 0 Soft Flange Inserts(2)
  5. 5 fl. oz. Milk Storage Bottles(4)
  6. Pump Shoulder Bag
  7. Insulated Cooler Bag
  8. Ice Packs(3)
  9. Breastfeeding Guide Card
  10. Instructions to Access Simply Breastfeeding™
  11. Breast Pumps & Briefcases™ Programs
  12. AC Adapter
  13. Extra Valves & Membranes (2)
  14. Instructions for Useble Electric Breast Pump
  • Reasonable price
  • Independent speed and suction control
  • Gives the user freedom and flexibility
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The pump can be used as double or single
  • The pump can be powered by its main power supply or by battery
  • It has two comfort control dials
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Three breast shields
  • Two generous BPA free collection bottles
  • Extra membranes and valves
  • Poor suction
  • Noisy

2. Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Breast Pump

This electric pump is one of the best that you can find on the market. It is easy to use and affordable.

Lansinoh Double Electric Breast Pump has 3 customizable pumping styles and 8 adjustable suction levels. It uses an innovative technology that mimics your baby’s natural feeding pattern.

It has a patented closed system and hygienic design that guarantees no milk backup in tubing or motor with LCD screen that keeps track of time. It vacuum strength and cycle speed can be adjusted for comfort and convenience.

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In addition to this, it is very simple to use because it comes with pre-assembled and few parts. There is also no need to clean the tubing because its close system does not allow milk to back flow.

📌For first time breastfeeding or pumping, Lansinoh is gentler. Its suction is not as strong as the others but just enough to help you express milk comfortably without pain. In addition to this it is very effective. Initially, I used another brand but struggle to pump. However, when I use this particular brand my milk was overflowing and I was impressed, given its price.

However, you should be alert because some of these are reportedly of poor quality. It does not last long and the suction does not hold well after a few weeks of usage. So, stay alert and return the product if you feel that it’s not of premium quality.

Lansinoh Signature Pro Double Electric Pump has a compact size and quiet motor that makes it convenient for the mom on-the-go. You can use this in the office or at work if necessary.

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This electric pump is one of my favorite because for me its suction is just enough. I highly recommend this to first-time moms who need a pump. This product is a good start to express milk for your little one.

What’s Inside The Box:

  1. Lansinoh SignaturePro Double Electric Breast Pump base unit
  2. 2 5 ounce Lansinoh mOmma Bottles
  3. Lansinoh mOmmaNaturalWave Nipple and cap
  4. 2 Breastmilk Storage Bags
  5. 2 Disposable Nursing Pads
  6. Lansinoh HPA Lanolin sample
  7. 2 Breast Flange Bodies
  8. 2 Collars
  9. Diaphragms
  10. Sealing Discs
  11. 2 ComfortFit flanges (25mm)
  12. 2 White valves (2 extra)
  13. 2 Bottle Stands
  14. 3 Connection tubes Tubing strap
  15. Y Tubing connector
  16. Pump connector
  17. AC Adaptor
  18. Tote Bag Pump
  19. Manual
  • Affordable
  • 3 customizable pumping style
  • 8 adjustable suction levels
  • Patented closed system
  • Hygienic design
  • Gentle and comfortable to use
  • Compact size
  • Quiet motor
  • Poor quality
  • Suction does not hold well after few uses

3. Medela Freestyle Double Electric Breast Pump

This innovative pumps fits perfectly in your hands making it a great device for moms on the go. In addition to that this double electric pump offers high level of performance as what you can expect from Medela.

Medela Freestyle Double Electric Pump is the newest breakthrough from Medeal Freestyle. Its innovative pump is small and lightweight. It fits in the palm of your hands that offers true mobility, freedom and flexibility.

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It has rechargeable battery too that allows you to pump anywhere you go. For your convenience, it is also equipped with a digital display, memory, timer and backlight. Its digital screen display crucial information like the suction level from 1 to 9, which you can adjust depending on your comfort, a timer to save you time from watching the clock while pumping and a back lit s you can pump even in the dark room. When you are done, you can pack the bottle into a cool bag and store everything in a handy classic back tote bag.

📌If you are in a hurry, you can pump more milk in less time using this because it has 2-Phase Expression technology and double pumping system. This system stimulates your baby’s natural sucking behavior and very comfortable to use. It starts with a short, quick sucking rythm until the milk starts to flow. It then changes to a slow rhythm to express the milk.

Unfortunately, this might not work for all. While this works for me, I heard from other moms that it took them at least 30 minutes to pump a fraction of the milk. There are also reports about poor quality that the item easily breaks down after a few uses.

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On my part, I got a good one and it worked well for me. Though I can’t say for sure if this is for you too, I still recommend this based on my experience. Medela for me is always reliable.

What’s Inside The Box:

  1. Pump motor (1x)
  2. Freestyle tubing (1x)
  3. AC power adaptor (1x)
  4. Freestyle milk collection kit
  5. 24-mm PersonaFit breast shields (x2)
  6. 27-mm PersonaFit breast shields (x2)
  7. Freestyle hands-free straps
  8. Black tote bag
  9. Medela cooler bag + contoured ice pack + 4 Medela breast milk storage bottles
  • Lightweight and very portable
  • Great suction
  • Has separation membrane between milk collection chamber and tubing
  • Simulates your baby’s suction
  • Adjustable suction level
  • 2-Phase Expression technology
  • Digital display
  • Timer
  • Backlight
  • Carry tote
  • Process does not work for all
  • It takes a number of minutes for some moms to pump a fraction of the milk
  • There are reports about items being of poor quality

4. Bellema Melon Double Electric Breast Pump

Bellema Breast Pump is one of the safest and trusted brand when it comes to electric pump. Thus, theirs is something that you should consider.

Bella Mellon in equipped with 2-phase pumping: the stimulation and expression. This mimics the sucking of your baby, it allows for slow stimulation in the first 2 minutes and then increases and decreases the speed. In addition to this it has a total of 25 custom setting for you to choose from.

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For your convenience, it has soft silicone cushions for a gentle massage and comfortable pumping. It also comes with a memory function to remember your preferred setting. In addition to this, it has anti-backflow design flange and a closed system that prevents milk backflow or from entering the motor. It has LCD screen display for realtime visual status. And more importantly, it is easy to assemble, operate and clean.

📌This pump is also small and quite, very comfortable to bring when you need to pump at outside. Unfortunately, this is not complete with accessories. For instance, it has no bag where you can store the milk you expressed. Also, while it works for some, other moms find its suction too weak.

However I did not encounter the same problem on my end, the Bellema Breast Pump I purchased worked as expected.

For me, Bellema Breas Pump is a great device considering its price and performance. I highly recommend this product.

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What’s Inside The Box

  1. Breastpump Motor Unit (1)
  2. Breast Suction Kits(2)
  3. Milk Tubings (2)
  4. Storage Bottles (4)
  5. Bottle Bases (2)
  6. Nipple Set (1)
  7. Power Adapter (1)
  8. User Manual & Warranty Card (1)
  • Reasonable price
  • Reliable Piston Pump System
  • Dual Phase Pumping Modes
  • Quite System
  • Adjustable speed and vacuum control
  • 25 customized setting
  • Anti-backflow design
  • Efficient vacuum system
  • Lightweight and safe
  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • FDA Approved/BPA-free
  • Includes a standard sized milk bottle
  • Poor suction

5. Philips AVENT Single Electric Comfort Breast Pump

Philips Avent is another popular brand when it comes to baby products in particular, bottles, pumps and ohter feeding accessories. So, it is impossible to complete this list without including one from them.

This particular pump is created with your comfort in mind. It includes a soft massage cushion that gently stimulates your milk flow.

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This pump has a unique compact design enabling your milk to flow directly from your breast into the bottle. This works while you sit comfortably when pumping, no need to lean forward to make sure all your milk ends up in the bottle.

📌This electric pump is also designed for frequent use, so it is equipped with a touch button where you can easily switch the setting (low, medium and high) and speed for your own convenience. In addition to this, for ease in transport and storage, the tube simply wraps around the base unit. It also goes with easy to use batteries.

Since Philips Avent knows that you will be using this often, they create this with a few number of separate parts for easy assembly and cleaning. For moms who are on the go, this product comes with a storage bag, so you can conveniently move around while taking it with you.

Unfortunately, just like any other products, this is not perfect. There are reports, claiming that the pump did not work on their end. Some complained about the suction because it was poor, it takes them too long to extract milk. In addition to this, there are complaints about poor customer service too.

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Despite the bad reviews, there are more positive feedbacks about this. Perhaps, customers just happened to have different experiences with it. So, make sure to test the product and return if it is of low quality, the brand offers a 2-year warranty, take advantage of this.

As for me, Philips Avent remains a good product. It works as it should. It didn’t disappoint me, so I recommend that you try this.

What’s Inside The Box:

  1. Breast Pump Body
  2. Base Unit
  3. Tubing
  4. Large size cushion
  5. 4 oz bottle wth Newborn Flow nipple
  6. Seating Disc
  7. Breast Pad Sample Packs (2 day pads, 2 night pads)
  8. Spare diaphgram
  • More comfortable pumping position due to unique design
  • Soft massaging cushion that gently stimulates milk flow
  • Includes 3 expression settings (low, medium, high)
  • Includes 2 cushions (25mm and 19.5 mm)
  • Includes natural bottle
  • Easy storage and travel
  • 2-year warranty
  • Poor suction
  • Poor customer service
  • Non-working pump

What is Electric Breast Pump?

Imagine this, the moment you deliver your newborn, your world instantly revolves around her or him. When you hear her first cry you know that you wanted to give your little one the best. So, you want to breastfeed your baby as long as you can. Unfortunately, your maternity leave is about to end and you have to return to work to provide her needs and prepare for her future.

Thus, to give her the best, you should keep on breastfeeding your baby if you can, even if you are away.

📌An electric breast pump is designed to express your milk quickly. In general, moms prefer this due to its ease and efficiency to use.

This is very beneficial if you need to express milk often due to work or if you are feeding twins. An electric pump allows you to extract more milk in less time, which is perfect for working moms.

Are Electric Breast Pumps Better Than Manual?

What makes electric pump more favorable than a manual pump is that it work automatically one you place the cup on your breast. This is very convenient and it saves you from aching hands or difficult to maintain pumping patterns. Can you imagine the comfort?

Think about this, you are at home working, maybe writing your next book or report while extracting milk. A manual breast pump would require you to use your hands, so multitasking is impossible. Also, if you have an exhausting day, I’m pretty sure that the very thing you want to do at home is lay on your bed and doze. Of course, you are dead tired. Unfortunately, you have to express milk for your baby. An electronic pump will allow you to do so without using your hands. Some electronic pumps can do so while allowing you to sit comfortably to allow you to rest.

Unfortunately, while electric pumps are efficient, you have to endure some disadvantages. This type of pump is not as portable as a battery or manual breast pumps. They also tend to be cumbersome and noisy due to the electric motor roaring away. The good news is that there are electric pumps now that are also battery operated.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing An Electric Breast Pump

It is important that you consider your needs, comfort and convenience when choosing a breast pump. For instance, here are some of the things that you should consider:

  • An adjustable vacuum that allows you to express in comfort
  • An electric breast pump that sucks more times per minute (manual pump) than a manual pump
  • A model that allows you to pump both breasts at once, this will cut pumping time by half. Double-pumping also boosts milk production by emptying both breasts. This is very useful if you are extracting for more than one feed.
  • A model that is easy to use, clean and assemble.


Don’t let your work end your duty to breastfeed your baby. Get an electric breast pump to express milk and still feed your baby with your milk even if you are away.

📌I’ve tested all the products listed above and it worked well for me, I hope it will work for you too. So, don’t delay, get any of the brands mentioned above. I guarantee you, it will be one of the wisest decision you can make as a mom.


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