5 Best Breast Pump For Working Moms

Do you agree that breastfeeding your baby while you go back to work is very difficult? It is not only inconvenient but challenging as well because not all workplaces are friendly for nursing moms.

I know the struggles of every mom because I’ve been there too. I wish to help every career woman who is also breastfeeding her baby. So I created this 5 Best Breast Pump For Working Moms list that will surely make your job and parenting duties easier.

5 Best Breast Pump For Working Moms

Juggling your duties at the office and at home is very draining as both tasks are very demanding. Imagine this, you are on your desk and during your break, you have to pump to provide milk for your baby when you are away.

What if I tell you that you can express milk on your table and that you don’t have to leave whatever you are doing or wait for your break time to pump? Will this make your life easier?

Certainly, it will. Probably you are already wondering what’s the best breast pump for working moms.

📌 To lighten up your load, I am giving you these revolutionary pumps, not the typical pumps with lots of tubes and bottles. They are designed to make breast pumping convenient, discreet and fast, so it won’t hinder your work.

You will find the best breast pump for busy moms in this article. I know you are excited. So, let’s get down to business.

Willow Wearable Breast PumpDiscreet. Quiet. No cords. No bottles. No tubes. Smart & App Enabled.Expensive. Still not available.$430 5/5Click Here
Naya Smart Breast PumpUses HydroComfort Technology. Compact and Cordless. Fast. Quite.Expensive.$999 4.9/5Click Here
Babyation Breast Pump Re-ImaginedSmart & App Enabled. Discreet. Low Profile. Quiet. No Dangling Bottles.Not available until the end of the year.$350 4.8/5Click Here
Freemie Freedom PumpDiscreet. Quiet. Cheaper. Assembly needed. Large cups.$199.95 4.5/5Click Here
Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump2-Phase Expression Technology. BPA-Free. Single Knob Controller. More Affordable.No silent. Not as discreet as the others.$254.99 4/5Click Here

1. Willow Wearable Breast Pump Review

“A Smart And Intuitive Breast Pump”

Willow brings you a revolutionary breast pump that works quietly inside your bra. It has no external tubes, no cords and no dangling bottles, which is a game changer when it comes to pumping at your workplace.

You will surely love this because this is the only wearable breast pump that fits in your bra, moves with you and goes with you wherever you go.

This works by charging similar to most gadgets. So, there are no electric wires and noise that most complained about electric pumps.

Whether you are walking at the park, working on your report, cooking your dinner or is in a middle of the meeting, you can pump. Willow allows you to do so and it is hands-free.
How does it operate? Willow can be tucked inside your bra and it operates quietly while you go your day.

📌Willow is smart, it senses your let-down and automatically transitions to an expression based on your body’s own unique milk production and timing. So, it does not make you wait a pre-set time.

It has an all-in-one design that collects milk in an internal bag. As mentioned, there are no cords, no bottles and any dangling tubes. So, you can pump without the need for a private place.

Also, it is very convenient because you don’t need to watch it closely or check under your clothes to monitor if it’s full because you can track the volume through the app.

In addition to this, since it has fewer parts it is easier to use and clean. Not to mention, you will save time because it is ready to use, no assembly needed similar to most electric breast pumps. Also, you are unlikely to lose any missing pieces.

Just imagine the hassle of looking for that missing piece when you needed it the most. To make the matter worse, the pump will not work without it. That would be so stressful.
After you pump, you can easily pour it or store it in the fridge or freezer to keep your supply fully stocked.

📌Yes, Willow is a great product, but this comes with a hefty price tag. Willow is prepping to hit the market soon, so if you want to be among the first moms to get this pump join their mailing list.

For moms with demanding jobs who can afford this too, don’t hesitate to get one. This could be the best breast pump for you.

What’s in the box
• Pumps (2)
• Flanges(2)
• Flextubes (2)
• 4 oz. Milk Bags (24)
• Cleaning Brushes (2)
• Carrying Bags (2)
• Pump Charger (1)
• Quick Start Guide (1)
• Instructions (1)

• Mobile and hands-free
• Discreet and quiet
• Simple and easy to clean
• Effective and intuitive
• Works inside your bra
• Does not require a private space
• No cords, bottles or tubes

• Expensive

2. Babyation Breast Pump Re-Imagined Review

“Helps You Keep Up With Your Work”

Babyation knows that life should not stop when it is time to pump. The brand knows that a breast pump is a necessity for moms who need to return to the corporate world.

So they designed this to help moms continue whatever they are doing while they pump. This particular pump will help you keep up with your work.

Babyation is still new in the market, but their product shows a great improvement design wise. It does not include dangling bottles on your breasts, which is how most breast pumps are designed.

📌Its breast shield fits into your bra for discretion, efficiency and comfort. Meanwhile, you can place the bottles on the desk, on the floor or in a bag while pumping.

Also, it is controlled by a smart phone and offers a customizable program and an incredible app. This makes it perfect for working moms because you have control when and where to use.

This pump mimics the natural suckling pattern of your baby. So it feels natural. It’s not as painful as most pumps do.

Babyation Breast Pump will have disposable tubes, but they are working on environmentally-friendly options and other long-term solutions.

The pump uses a rechargeable battery that charges when you plug it into the wall. This is also portable, so you can conveniently bring it at work or when you travel.

At the time Babyation focuses on retail. However, they have plans to subsidize their pumps by insurance.

Overall, Babyation is a great improvement compared to most pumps in the market today. However, it’s not as convenient as Willow that operates without any cord and bottles. It allows you to pump without any hint that you do.

📌Also, Babyation is still in progress and will be released by the end of the year. We will keep you updated once the pump rolled in the market.

I honestly find this pump very promising and yes, it presents a huge comfort compared to the traditional pumps. So I highly recommend this. You can pre-order this pump here.

• Smart
• Discreet and low-profile
• Quiet
• Revolutionary
• Convenient to use
• Mimics baby’s suckling pattern

• Not cordless
• Not available until the end of 2017

3. Freemie Freedom Pump Review

“Allows You To Move And Pump Anywhere Conveniently”

Freemie understands how pumping makes mothers isolated. In most cases, moms have to step away from their family, friends and co-workers whenever they need to.

The brand has this tag line, “Pump anytime, anywhere, and around anyone.” True to its words, they designed this breast pump in a particular way that allows you to pump hands free in public.

Thanks to its discreet design you can now express milk at your workspace while you do the tasks assigned to you and without stepping away from your work space. This makes pumping very convenient and easy.

Click Here to Check Price

Freemie Freedom includes a concealable cups that you need to place into your bra. You have to connect it with a tube from the motor, which you can hide underneath your clothes.
So, yes, this allows you to pump in public. It’s not as uncomfortable compared to old pumps where bottles hang on your breasts.

📌However, the people around you might still notice that you are pumping because the collection pump that you will be placing in your bra is quite large. Also, some find this noisy, but not as loud as most pumps. This is designed to be quite.

Although this is not as convenient as Willow and Babyation, it is more discreet than pumping using a nursing cover or with a hands-free bra. Since there are no bottles dangling on your breasts, typing on a computer or nursing your baby at the same time is more convenient.

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For your comfort, this pump allows you to recline a bit more compared to normal breast shields. It also allows you to move more, hence the name “freedom.” You can work, play or relax while pumping.

The challenging part of this pump is you have to connect a few parts to make it work. If you do it wrong, the milk might get into the tube and in the pump instead of the collection pump.

📌Each cup holds up to 8 ounces of milk. So if you pump on your two breasts, you can collect up to 16 ounces.

Although this is not so simple to use, it is not that difficult to set up either. It is functional and effective. Also, compared to the first two products, this is way cheaper. So, I highly recommend this.


Pump dimensions:
• 7.5 inches in diameter
• 5.5 inches tall

Cup dimensions:
• 4.4 inches in diameter
• 2.75 inches deep

Cup weight (empty)
• 2.5 ounces each
• 5 ounces total

Cup capacity
• 8 ounces each
• 16 ounces total

What’s in the box?
• Set of Freemie Collection Cups that are compatible with most popular electric pumps
• 25mm and 28mm funnels
Disclaimer: 32mm is available but is sold separately

• Discreet
• Quite
• Comfortable to use
• Price is more competitive
• Allows you to pump publicly
• Allows you to recline and move freely

• You have to assemble a few parts
• Wrong assembly would put the milk on the tube
• Large cups

4. NayaSmart Breast Pump Review

“The Smart Pump With HydroComfort Technology”

Naya wanted to help moms like you pump without ruining your schedule. So, they created a smart pump that will help you express more milk comfortably with less noise.

Naya brings you a new technology to pump. Most brands use air to express milk, but Naya uses water with its patented HydroComfort Technology for a more comfortable experience.
This is a hospital-grade breast pump. It is compact and cordless. Its medical grade soft silicone softly cups the breast for a comfortable pumping experience.

Also, the brand knows that the faster the process, the better it would be. So they designed this pump with speed in mind. It can extract an average of 29% more breast milk compared to leading brands in the same amount of time.

📌It only weighs three pounds, which is very lightweight and portable. So, you can conveniently take this with you wherever you go.

Also, I understand that the noise of most electric pumps can be quite uncomfortable. This particular pump uses water instead of air, so it eliminates the source of noise giving you a peaceful pumping session.

Also, as mentioned, Naya breast pump is smart. It automatically tracks your pump sessions, milk supply, and gives you personalized advice through its Naya Health Tracker App.

📌Unfortunately, this pump is not for everyone because it is too expensive. It costs around $1,000 (prices may change without prior notice) which is way too costly compared to most pumps in the market.

For career women who can afford this, I highly recommend it.


Product Info
• Weight: 3 pounds
• Speed: 300 mmHG
• Pumping System: HydroComfort

What’s included in the box
• Hospital-grade breast pump
• Breast shield assembly
• Storage bag
• Classic bottles

• Smart
• Quiet
• Comfortable
• Expresses milk faster
• Lightweight and portable
• HydroComfort Pumping System
• Hospital grade pump
• Has smart connected app
• HAS & FSA Approved

• Expensive

5. Medela Pump in Style Advanced Breast Pump Review

“For moms who pump several times a day”

Medela is a popular brand when it comes to breast pumps. This particular model is friendly for working moms who pump several times a day because they are away from their little ones.

Medela Pump in Style Advanced is designed for daily use. This double-electric hospital grade breast pump also includes a battery pack that allows you to pump anywhere and anytime.

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This is equipped with a 2-Phase Expression technology with one-touch let-down button that produces more milk in less time when pumping at the Maximum Comfort Vacuum. This mimics how your baby would nurse you.

📌For ease of use, it has a single knob speed/vacuum adjustments for comfortable pump settings. It also includes double pumping kit with 24mm PersonalFit breast shields for an efficient and convenient pumping.

For working moms who need to travel to their offices, to hospitals, schools or any locations that their profession requires this pump includes a stylish microfiber bag. This on-the-go tote can accommodate everything you need to pump while preventing spills and organizing the tubes at the same time. It also has extra space for books or other things you need to bring on the go.

Medela knows that most working moms who need to pump are not home-based so they made sure that this pump is very portable. In addition to that, they equipped this model with everything you need to pump away from home.

This pump features a cooler system. It has a removable cooler bag that is contoured with an ice pack and four breastmilk bottles with lids where you can store the milk you expressed.

Also, for you and your baby’s safety, all the parts that touch your breast milk are BPA-free.
Medela In Style is very comfortable to use. It helps me maintain my milk supply while I am away for work. When I had my first baby I used another brand which quality deteriorated over time.

Click Here to Check Price

My supply slowly dropped until I was dried up. I later learned that it was due to its poor quality valve. We need to continuously pump to remove the milk and produce more milk. Medela is very effective in sucking milk.

📌The downside with this pump compared to the rest is its design. It is hands-free, but not as discreet as the rest because the bottles will be dangling on your breasts. You may need to use hands-free pumping bras to make this easier. Also, it is quiet, but not completely silent.

Pump In Style Advanced from Medela is a great breast pump choice when it comes to portability and convenience when you have to pump away from home. It also allows you to use battery for more power options.

Although Medela’s design is inferior compared to cordless and tubeless pumps, this remains a good pump for working moms because it is hands-free and very portable. So, yes, I highly recommend this.

What’s in the box?
• Microfiber bag (1)
• 5oz/150ml breast milk bottles & lids (4)
• Cooler bag and ice pack (1)
• Double pumping kit with 24mm breast shields (1)
• 9-Volt AC adapter (1)
• Battery pack (1)
• Instructions

• 2-Phase Expression technology
• Stylish microfiber bag (The Metro Bag, On the Go Tote, Backpack)
• Battery pack
• Single knob controller
• Impressive performance
• Durable
• BPA-free
• Can be plugged in or run on AA batteries
• Complete parts and accessories
• Cheaper than most items listed here

• Not Silent
• Not as discreet as the rest

Why Working Moms Need a Pump?

A pump is a necessity for moms who will be returning to work but wish to continue providing breast milk for their babies. By using a pump you can continue your milk production.

For nursing moms, babies should latch to your breasts to continue your supply. When the milk is removed from your body, it also produces new milk. They cycle continues as long as you breastfeed or pump.

If you go back to work, breastfeeding would be impossible without breast pumps. Just imagine the number of hours you are not nursing your baby. It will affect your milk production and you will eventually dry up.

Thanks to breast pumps which are designed to mimic the suckling pattern of your child you can easily express milk at your workplace. In this way, you do not only provide your baby the best milk, you also save money from buying formula milk.

Which Breast Pump is the Best for Working Moms?

As a working mom, I can say that the fewer the parts the better. I personally prefer breast pumps without tubes and wires. So, my favorite is Willow.

Willow allows you to pump undercover. It is a very liberating breast pump, but so as Babyation and Freemie.

Getting an expensive pump similar to the ones mentioned above is costly. However, if you want to return to work without the inconvenience of waiting for your break or walking away from your desk to express milk then these pumps are worth it.

Also, these pumps are discreet and silent. You can use them during a conference without a hint that you are wearing a pump. These devices allow you to pump without taking so much of your precious time because its manufacturers know that maintaining mommy duties and work is a tough and demanding job.


It’s not easy to express milk especially at the office or any workplace where you deal with your boss and colleagues, not to mention, the demand of your profession. For this reason, I created the breast pump reviews for working moms like you and me.

📌All of these are portable and very convenient to use. Most of them are cordless or wireless. They are very discreet to use. These are revolutionary pumps. You do not need to step away from your work or from the public to pump.

If you know any other discreet and convenient pump on the market that would be helpful to working moms, feel free to let us know. We will consider your suggestions.

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