5 Best Breast Enlargement Pumps That Actually Work

For women like me who also wish to be well-endowed, we will surely try every chance we have to get that bigger breasts that we desire.

Personally, I’ve tried different breast augmentation procedures to have bigger boobs naturally. One of the things I find effective in growing my bust is by using breast enlargement pumps. This device is easy to use, store and maintain.

Not to mention, most are available at a very affordable price.There are already a lot of breast enlargement pumps on the market today and choosing the best one can be confusing and challenging at the same time.

So I created this 5 Best Breast Enlargement Pumps 2018 –Buyers’ Guidelines to help you find the top breast enhancement pumps on the market easily. You can check it out in the next section. I’m confident that these pumps will work for you too. So far, I am very happy with my gains from these pumps, so start pumping soon to see visible results in due time.

Breast Enlargement PumpsPrice CheckRatingPotential GrowthEarliest Visible Results
Bell Lady Breast Vacuum Pump EnhancementClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.91 ½ to 2 cups5-10 weeks
Breasthanced Electric Breast Enlargement Pump Twin CupsClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.81 to 2 cups4 - 8 weeks
Rechargeable Electric Breast Enhancer Vacuum PumpClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.81/2 to 2 cups 10 weeks
Careshine Breast Auto Breast Enlarger PumpClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.51 ½ cups4-8 weeks
Breast Pump Enhancement Vacuum Enlarger Bra CuppingClick Here To Buy Worldwide Shipping4.51 ½ cups4-8 weeks

Best Breast Enlargement Pumps 2018

The breast enlargement pumps on my list have been tested and proven effective. I understand that there are a lot of these in the market and majority are ineffective, I also had my own share of frustrations over poor breast enhancement pumps, so I make sure that the items that I’ll be sharing with you here work.

Before you proceed to choose the pumps that you are going to use, I want to give you some breast enlargement tips when it comes to choosing the best pump for you.

Examine yourself how many hours are you willing to use the pump. You should know that breast enhancement pumps have different recommended hours of usage.

There are pumps that can be used for several times a day. Meanwhile, hand-operated pumps that offer manual hand pump and can exert a great amount of vacuum in a shorter amount of period.

If you prefer a manual breast pump, you should also know that it’s not safe to use too much suction pressure.

While it is tempting to believe that using much suction can grow our breasts real fast, doing so might only harm you in the long run. So, just take things slowly and you will see permanent gains over time. Word of warning, if your breasts turn purple, this is an indication that you have used too much pressure. Observe yourself and always prioritize your safety.

I supposed that you are now ready to find the best pump. So without further ado, here are the pumps that you should try on to enjoy bigger breasts.

1. Bell Lady Breast Vacuum Pump Enhancement

Bell Lady Breast Vacuum Pump Enhancement offers us a safe and guaranteed bust growth. In addition to this, it is very affordable that’s why it is in the top spot.

This pump is from Bell Lady, a vacuum enlargement and erection system specialists.

The company develops a wider range of affordable natural enlargement products like penis pumps, breasts enlargement systems and various accessories.

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Bell Lady breast pump system is made from high-quality materials. Its rubber cups are extremely strong and resistant to cracking. While its tube is made from silicone that is built to last.

The company does not use cheap rubber bulb that lasts for five minutes of use. Compared to Breasthanced, this item is affordable. However, their results are comparable. The great thing about this item is that it is manual, so you can control the suction.

📌 You can start with less suction and work your way up as your body gets used to it. You can also use your own pumping technique. Due to this, it requires minimal time. This pump uses the principle of exercising the blood flow in our breasts to enlarge our bust.

You can use this for 15-30 minutes a day and expect firmer and fuller breasts. Recommended usage is between 30-60 minutes daily and this can be divided into two sessions. To use this, you can place the cup over the breast area and gently press the pump.

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This process will create a vacuum that triggers the blood flow into the breasts that causes expansion. The swelling may occur for weeks but over time as the breast tissues multiply you will observe a permanent increase in your bust. You don’t have to worry about the process because it is not painful.

Aside from its unquestionable performance and low price, it has a proven track record of excellent results, after sales support and customer care which is a must when you get this type of products. To make your purchase worth it, the company offers a money-back guarantee.

There is no doubt that this pump is very promising. However, just like Breasthanced results may vary among users. If you know anyone using this pump with impressive results, you can’t expect the same gains. You might gain more or less. Aside from this concern, there are complaints that it loses suction easily and that it is difficult to put on.

Meanwhile, Bell Lady Breast Vacuum Pump’s flexibility to offer a lot of options (on how strong the suction, what method to do: pump and hold vs. pump release, how much time it should be put on, etc.) that made some users confuse on what to follow.

Bell Lady is an affordable and effective breast enhancement pump. It is as efficient as the expensive pumps in the market with just a fraction of the price. Your growth here is unlimited because when you outgrow your cup, you can purchase the next size. For this, I highly recommend it.

  • Inexpensive
  • Great customer support
  • Manual suction control
  • Minimal time required
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Unlimited gains
  • Loses suction easily
  • Difficult to put on

2. Breasthanced Electric Breast Enlargement Pump Twin Cups

Breasthanced Enlargement System is another popular and highly recommended breast enhancer pump in the market that’s why it is in the second spot. The Breasthanced System is one of the most popular and trusted brands when it comes to breast enlargement pumps. For this reason, I decided to try it and the results were amazing.

Breasthanced is a clinically proven approach to enlarge our boobs by multiplying our breast tissues naturally. This pump is also referred as an external tissue expander that applies a gentle 3-dimensional pull to place our breast under tension. This pump is also referred as an external tissue expander that applies a gentle 3-dimensional pull to place our breast under tension.

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The Breasthanced breast enhancement pump has gone through two clinical trials where the device was worn for a minimum of 10 hours per day for a period o f 10 weeks. They learned that when the system was worn as directed, a woman can grow 1-cup size. The key in using Breasthanced system is the number of hours and frequency that the pump is used. In short, the intensity and duration are huge factors in seeing results. This pump is good for men as well.

📌 The sustained tension causes the breast cells to tear apart and replicate to fill the gap. Thereby, resulting in new breast tissues. Breasthanced is a safe and effective alternative method of breast augmentation. The pressure within the domes is evenly distributed to avoid pressure points.

This makes the process gentle and painless. Also, it is easy to put on and once you wear it, you can just forget about and proceed with your day normally because it has a bra vest that holds the cup in place.

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Aside from this one’s age, ethnicity, number of pregnancies and experience in breastfeeding matter. For instance, women whose breasts were enlarged by weight gain, pregnancy and breastfeeding were rapid responders.

These women noticed immediate gains after using Breasthanced and enjoy rapid growth. Meanwhile, there were women who noticed gains within the first few days of wearing Breasthanced and slowly accumulate tissue growth. They are the average responders. On the other hand, there are also slow responders.

They are the women who already followed the recommended 10 hours usage but still did not see results after a few weeks. They are those who have a tight and limited amount of breast tissue or are exercise enthusiasts, who burn more fats than their daily intake.

Aside from this, being non-Caucasian, not having kids or being too young are another factors. In this case, you may need to wear the device longer than 10 hours. This pump is a great, only that its results vary among users.

Different women may require a different number of hours to achieve their desired results because the gain depends on how your body reacts to it. Also, you need to compensate for days and hours you missed in wearing this device to see results.

For instance, if you failed to wear this for at least 8 hours a day, you should wear it in the next day. All materials in this pump are hypoallergenic and biocompatible. It is equipped with a self-regulating microprocessor.

Breasthanced System remains one of the most effective pumps on the market today. The brand is also honest in pointing out the different factors that may affect our gains and even determines the fast, average and slow responders to help us identify ourselves. Luckily, I don’t have issues getting the best out of this pump. So, I highly recommend this product.

  • Safe and effective
  • Gentle suction
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Easy to put on
  • Wear and forget
  • Has stretch bra vest to hold the cups in place
  • Clinically tested
  • FDA approved
  • Flexible and easy to move
  • Works while you are in the move
  • Requires days and hours of usage
  • Results vary

3.Rechargeable Electric Breast Enhancer Vacuum Pump

Rechargeable Electric Breast Enhancer Vacuum Pump and Shaping System combines the power of Breasthanced and Noogleberry. For this reason, you find it in the third spot. Breasthanced and Noogleberry are the leading brands when it comes to breast enhancement pumps. Their efficiency, quality, and performance are impressive which inspires the creation of Breast Pump.

This Breast Enhancement Pump is similar to Breasthanced because it is an electric enlargement pump with stretch bra vest to keep the cups in place. At the same time, it requires less “pumping time” similar to Noogleberry.

Breast Enhancer Vacuum Pump includes two cups lined with thick and comfortable cushion. It also acts as a seal for better suction, which results in better hold and support.

The small controller in this pump draws the air out of the domes which suck and stretch your breasts. The pulling action is the principle behind the expansion of our breasts.

📌 For your convenience, it is equipped with a controller that offers different power settings, including “Boost” option that doubles the intensity to give you a speedy suction sessions. Its cups are curved towards the tips so they don’t bump into each other. Its stretch bra vest adds comfort and convenience. It holds the cup in place, so you can walk around do your things normally while growing your boobs.

Unlike other hand-operated pumps, this one uses a sustain-and-release technology, a vacuum that automatically pulls and then releases the breasts throughout the entire session. This method is four times better and more effective than systems that sustain tension since the motion increases the blood flow and reduced the time it takes to get results.

Breast Enhancer Vacuum Pump is almost perfect but a number of complaints about the device being too painful. Even with padding, there are red circles on the skin. The worse thing, there is no way to adjust it into a gentler tone. While some users were able to adjust to the pain, the others find it too much for them.

Also, this machine is meant to operate in 30 minutes so it automatically turns off after the said duration. So, if you want longer sessions, you have to turn it on again. Lastly, it is not as durable as Breasthanced.

Despite the Breast Enhancer Vacuum Pump’s limitations, it is still undeniably one of the most powerful pumps on the market today. I’m still convinced with its performance. Check it out and try it.

  • Affordable
  • Electric breast enlargement pumps
  • Requires less pumping time
  • Includes stretch bra vest that holds the cup in place
  • Has a controller with 9 different power settings
  • Very convenient to use
  • Delivers constant pressure
  • Has contoured pumps
  • Protects you from over pumping
  • May leave red circles
  • Session only set to 30 minutes

4. Careshine Breast Auto Breast Enlarger Pump

TheCareshine Breast Pumpalready been proven its efficiency when it comes to growing breasts that’s why it is on our list.

Careshine Breast Pump is an electric breast pump that supplies a high intensity of pressure compared to other breast enhancement pumps making it one of the greatest device on the market.

This device comes with a stretch bra vest similar that contains two suction cups.

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It is also equipped with a controller with power settings that allows the user to adjust the suction based on how much time she wants to use it. Although this offers a great suction, it is not painful. In fact, the suction starts slow but quickly pulls your breasts.

Also, it offers great support and impressive suction, you can move freely while wearing it without any discomfort.

📌 The Careshine Breast Pump is a good electric breast pump that help bring high intensed pressure. This is better compared to other breast enhancement pumps, which makes it one of the most sought after breast pump on the market.

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Also the more you use it, the better the results. However, due to the strong suction, you will see red rings around the suction area. Apart from this, another drawback is that its result varies.

While some experience great gains others didn’t notice any difference at all. Despite its limitations, this product undeniably works.This is affordable and the gains are promising. So, I still suggest that you try this.

  • Very convenient
  • Only requires 30 minutes of use
  • Equipped with comfortable domes
  • Customizable settings
  • Protects you from over pumping
  • Pressure may be too strong

5. Breast Pump Enhancement Vacuum Enlarger Bra Cupping

If you are on a budget and wants a low-cost breast pump that works, this item is for you. This pump has been on the market for over two years. It simple and straightforward just exactly what you need.

Breast Pump Enhancement Vacuum Enlarger Bra Cupping comes with cylinders that are made from industrial strength crystal clear acrylic and designed with an oval shape to fit comfortably over your breasts.

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Each cup is strong and durable as it is made of medical grade strong and durable plastic with a lifetime guarantee.

Thanks to its system, you can now enhance your breasts to a nice full size in no time. This is also very easy to operate. To use this simply fit the cylinder over each breast and start pumping.

📌 Breast Pump Enhancement Vacuum Enlarger Bra Cupping wants you to use their product easily and conveniently, so they included well-written step-by-step instructions in pdf format. This will be emailed to you after your purchase. Also, they include a free hand pump premium travel or storage bag and bra extender.

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Breast Pump Enhancement Vacuum Enlarger Bra Cupping work but you can’t expect too much from it considering its price. The common complaints include its cup being hard. Also, many reported that they did not receive the instructions promised to them. A few were also not satisfied with their gains, while some didn’t see any changes at all.

If you are on a tight budget but still wish to try a breast enhancement pump for boob augmentation, this product is a great start. However, I suggest that you be ready with its hard cups and hope for maximum gains. Check out the product.

  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Includes 2 airlock breast cylinders
  • Gentle Pressure
  • Made of medical grade silicone and durable plastic
  • Well-written step-by-step instructions
  • Package includes free hand pump, storage bag, and bra extender
  • Permanent growth without maintenance
  • Results vary

Effectively Using Breast Enhancement Pumps

Breast enlargement pumps are a helpful device for women who wish to grow their bust naturally. It needs dedication and time to see permanent gains but the gains that you will enjoy from using a pump is guaranteed.

I hope my list above will be helpful to you. If you know any other breast enhancement pump that I missed to include in the list above, please feel free to contact me, I will check your concern and may consider your suggestions.

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