3 Best Breast Augmentation Surgeons In Miami | How to Pick?

boob job miamiEvery woman has the right to be at her best. If you feel bad about your small or not balanced breasts, you can do something about it. I understand that being well-endowed is a great source of confidence for women, so I am very pleased that breast augmentation is available in Miami. This procedure is for us who long to improve the shape and size of our bust.

If you live in Miami, you need not travel to other states to experience the best breast enlargement surgery. Miami breast surgeons are skilled and equipped to deliver the breast growth that you desire. To help you find the best doctors in the Magic City, I created the 3 Best Breast Augmentation Miami list below. The following names are the best doctors that will surely help you achieve your desired boobs.

3 Best Breast Augmentation Miami

breast augmentation miamiThe names that you are about to read below are the leading breast augmentation specialists in Miami.

They are household names when it comes to this procedure. Some patients even travel from London and other areas of the world to this state to have these doctors perform the boob job for them.

In general, the breast augmentation procedure in Miami is cheaper compared to New York. However, their doctors are as skilled and talented in doing the surgery. So, first and foremost, I urge you to stay in the Magic City and save your money and time from traveling because you have great doctors in your area.

These doctors use state-of-the-art facilities to ensure your safety and comfort during the operation. Also, breast augmentation is among the most common surgeries done daily, so rest assured that the one who will be handing the operation has the experience and expertise to do so.

Doctor / ClinicEstimated Augmentation CostOther SpecialtiesRating
Dr. Michael Salzhauer, MD$5,795Brazillian butt lift, mommy makeover, tummy tucks, etc.4.5
Dr. Ary Krau, MD$2500breast lift, breast revision, breast reduction4.8
Dr. Philip Craft$2500 - $5000several breast, body and facial procedures5

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, MD, FACS Review


Dr. Michael SalzhauerDr. Michael Salzhauer is a very popular cosmetic surgeon in the Capital of Latin America. In fact, he is dubbed as Dr. Miami, so we could not afford to miss him on our list. He is the most sought after surgeon in Florida that some patients even travel from different states just to have him do the surgery for them.

Dr. Salzhauer,
a renowned cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon is known for his extensive experience and cutting edge techniques with procedures such as rhinoplasty, breast enhancement, liposuction, Brazilian butt lifts, tummy tucks and mommy makeovers, male cosmetic enhancements like gynecomastia, chin reshaping, facial rejuvenation, and non-surgical ant-aging treatment.

His certifications and skills are visible in the number of clients he made happy. You can check Dr. Salzhauer’s quality of works here.
However, since this doctor is highly popular, there are also tons of complaints against him. Among the huge turn off with Dr. Salzhauer is his personnel. Here’s a lengthy post about a patient complaining about his unprofessional staff. There are a lot of complaints about his staff but I must say, there are also clients who find his team helpful and accommodating.

📌Dr. Salzhauer posts his works on social media, in particular on Instagram. So, check out his account to get a feel if he is the best surgeon for you.

Dr. Salzhauer has tons of clients daily, so you can be assured that he is a pro when it comes to the breast augmentation procedure. Since he is busy, this might be an issue in booking. I’ve learned that it takes months even years to book him. In fact, one patient wrote that when she booked for a surgery, she waited for 11 months.

If you love the videos that Dr. Salzhauer shared on his social media and if budget and waiting for a schedule are not an issue for you then don’t doubt to contact him.

LOCATION: 1140 Kane Concourse
Bay Harbour Islands, FL 33154
PHONE NUMBER: (305) 861-8266
Estimated Breast Augmentation Cost: $5,795
Breast Augmentation Before and After: http://photosplasticsurgery.com/#breast

Dr. Michael Salzhauer, MD


  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Dubbed as Dr. Miami
  • Expert in his craft
  • Very active on social media
  • Has a lot of clients daily


  • Unprofessional staff
  • Expensive surgery

Dr. Ary Krau, MD, FACS Review

Dr. Ary KrauDr. Ary Krau is another familiar surgeon in Miami. He has already established his name through his years of experience.

📌He is a reputable and trusted surgeon in the area having performed over 1,500 breast augmentation surgery every year and 10,000 surgeries in all for over 20 years of practice. He trains and lectures other surgeons at meetings of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP).
Aside from that, Dr. Krau is equipped with quality technology, has the precise technique and highly-trained professional staff that allow him to give impressive service.

Despite the quality results he delivers I’ve learned that he can be too busy. He attends the consultation at the same time. He leaves the patients to attend the walk-ins for consultation and then returns to the patient again. Mariah said that Dr. Krau did not suggest the right size for her but only followed what she told her. She ended up with very huge boobs for her frame and developed symmastia.

Another client said that her results are far from awesome. She also developed symmastia and while Dr. Krau offered a revision surgery he never listened to her requests to fix the issue. She ended with bad deformity and weird cleavage where implant roses sternum, so she needs to tape her breasts apart to keep the implant separated.

For this profession, it’s difficult to please all the clients. If you look at the whole picture and Dr. Krau’s experience he has more happy and satisfied customers who still wish to return to him for their next surgery. So I highly recommend him.

Dr. Krau’s service is more affordable compared to Dr. Miami. Also, his expertise and skills are impressive.

Dr. Ary Krau, MD


  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Member of Mentor’s LEAD (Leadership, Experienced and Development in Breast Augmentation) Program Advisory Board
  • Member of American Society of Plastic Surgeon
  • Member of American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon
  • Very helpful and accommodating to clients
  • Professional, highly trained and helpful staff
  • Delivers beautiful results less scarring and beautiful shape
  • Offers more affordable services
  • High rate patient satisfaction
  • Thousands of reviews


  • He attends the patient and walk-ins at the same time
  • Sometimes he just take whatever his clients want without suggesting what is better
  • Sometimes he doesn’t listen and jut ignore their concerns

PHONE NUMBER: (305) 861-6881
Estimated Breast Augmentation Cost:$2500
Breast Augmentation Before and After: http://www.arykraumd.com/before-after-photos/breast-augmentation-before-after/

Dr. Philip Craft, MD Review


Dr. Philip Craft
Photo by ©Jorge Parra / www.JorgeParra.com

Dr. Phillip Craft is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Miami. He is a Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is one of the surgeons with impressive records. He is also one of the staff in Miami Institute.

Dr. Craft is trained in all aspects of plastic and reconstructive surgery, but he specializes in aesthetic surgery of the breast, body and face. However, he concentrated on expert training in breast augmentation and breast lift techniques.

Aside from Dr. Craft’s knowledge, skills and experience, his staff is very kind, helpful and accommodating. Follow-up visits will never be inconvenient because they treat you like a family when you return. Dr. Craft is very dedicated to his patients that he encourages them to visit him for follow ups, such a great assurance.

📌Dr. Craft usually performs the surgery within 1 to 2 hours. He gives good suggestions during the operation. If he has a recommendation, I urge you to listen and consider it. I knew some clients who were very happy with the results because they listened to what Dr. Craft proposed. I also knew some who regretted not listening to him. So, this only speaks volume of how great Dr. Craft works.
If you check on Dr. Craft’s patients they have nothing, but good words for the surgeon who changed their lives. Majority of them were happy and satisfied with the results post-surgery.
Dr. Craft’s work is almost perfect. He delivers a wonderful boob job and I can guarantee you that after he manifests his wonders on you, you will receive daily compliments. Unfortunately, his service is quite expensive compared to other surgeons in Miami, but with a 5-star treatment from him and his staff, every penny is worth it.

Dr. Craft has a great experience and expertise in breast augmentation. He has the eyes and the skills, and more importantly, he delivers.

ADDRESS: 888 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131, USA
PHONE: +1 305-371-7229
Estimated Breast Augmentation Cost: $2500 – $5000
Breast Augmentation Before and After: http://www.phillipcraftmd.com/before-and-after-gallery/breast/breast-augmentation/

Dr. Phillip Craft, MD


  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons
  • Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery
  • Expert in Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift
  • Encourages patients for follow-ups
  • Answers questions thoroughly
  • Has friendly and very accommodating team
  • Friendly bedside manner


  • None

Why Undergo a Breast Augmentation?

I understand that going under the knife sounds dangerous and unnatural. However, if you take the time to explore breast augmentation you will be surprised at how popular and effective it is in helping you redeem your confidence that you once lost due to your breast issues.

Breast augmentation is a leading choice of women who wish to address their breast problems. This procedure increases the size of your boobs by using breast implants or fats. It also restores your breast volume, makes it rounder and improves your breast asymmetry.

This process is for you if you can relate to any of the following:

  • You want to improve your self-image through breast enhancement
  • You are not satisfied with your breast size
  • You believe that your cup size can still be enlarged.
  • Your small breasts makes you feel less attractive
  • You are a mom who wants to get her sexy boobs back after losing it to pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • You are a transgender who wants to look good when wearing dresses
  • You want to correct your asymmetrical breasts

One will probably think that every surgery is dangerous. Yes, there are risks, but in general, breast augmentation is safe. Surgeons who carry out this procedure have no casualties and patients who have undergone it reported no complaints aside from a little discomfort after feeling a fuller breast.

Most of the patients who get this surgery were very pleased that they did. It transformed them physically and emotionally because aside from looking good, it made them feel great about themselves.

Breast Augmentation Miami Financing

breast implants miamiMiami is a great place to get your surgery done. True to its name, this city offers a magic touch to give you the body you desire.

The state offers a number of financing plans to help you afford the procedure that you want to enjoy. Among the financing plans that you can use are Alphaeon Credit, United Medical Credit, Prosper Healthcare Lending, Chase Health Advance Financing Options and Care Credit to name a few.

Financing is a great outlet to fund your breast augmentation surgery. These payment plans are simple, quick and patient friendly. In general, this gives you the option to pay it without interest in 12, 18 or even 24 months or pay it with interest in an extended period. Some terms even allow you to pay up to 5 years. Some Miami breast surgeons are member of this financing and you can apply directly n their office. So, try your luck.

Aside from financing, cash, cashier’s check, certified checks, money orders and credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) are also accepted.

If you really want to enjoy breast augmentation, there are a number of ways to pay for it. So, never ever think that this procedure is not affordable because there are flexible payment options that will surely fit your budget.

Breast Augmentation Miami Free Consultation

A number of Miami breast surgeon offers a free consultation. You can take advantage of this service as you do your research to find the best doctor in your area. However, you should also take note that the best surgeons in town may not offer this free consultation.

Breast augmentation consultation is the best opportunity for you to have a one-on-one time with the doctor of your choice. During the consultation, the surgeon will perform a physical examination of your chest while noting the qualities and elasticity of your skin, the amount of natural breast tissue, your breast augmentation goals and ideal results.

This is also the best time to ask the doctor all the questions you have in mind. Since this is your first solo session, he or she will answer your concerns in details. During the consultation, I suggest that you ask about the breast implant, breast implant, duration of the surgery and recovery time. You may also consider if he or she considers financing. You may also ask if the doctor offers a warranty on his primary breast augmentation surgery because this will help if something needs to be redone.

So, don’t expect too much from a free consultation. I suggest that you try it and then spare money and time to consult with your preferred surgeon.




Breast augmentation is one of the most common and performed surgeries today. It is safe and efficient. In fact, more and more women turned to it to achieve their desired body.  So, if you are dying to get larger, firmer and fuller breasts don’t hesitate to go under the knife and have these surgeons do the procedure for you.

These cosmetic surgeons have shown their experience and expertise over the years. They are formidable when it comes to breast augmentation. So if you can afford their service, do not hesitate to get them. They worked hard to earn their name and reputation in Miami and you won’t regret choosing any name from the list above.

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