3 Best Breast Augmentation Los Angeles | How to Pick?

Do you feel the need to enhance your breast? I found myself saying “yes” to this question a couple of times before I eventually decide to go under the knife by getting a breast augmentation surgery. I must say I was hesitant at first. Just like most women, I understand that this procedure is very tempting but at the same time, I can’t control my fears.

If you are in Los Angeles, choosing the best surgeon can be quite challenging because there are tons of doctors with impressive track records. There are also those who promise but do not deliver. So, to help you find the best ones near your area, I created this 3 Best Breast Augmentation Los Angeles list for you.

3 Best Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

Breast augmentation is the solution to your breast insecurities. Whether you want to improve the shape of your boobs, balance your uneven bosoms or lift it, this procedure is for you.

Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic procedure in the United States. One in 26 women has undergone breast augmentation in America. This amounts to around 4% of the total population of women in the country. Yes, this procedure is very common.

Breast augmentation procedure is life changing and I know a number of patients who were very emotional during the surgery. So, I suggest that you choose a surgeon who is calm and who knows how to make you feel comfortable. An impressive bedside manner is a great attribute to look for a doctor as this will make the overall procedure easier for you.

Always start with research and consultation before choosing the best surgeons. Don’t book without talking to the doctor directly. If you are tight on cash, discuss if he or she accepts financing. Most surgeons do.

Now that you already know the things that you need to learn, here are the names that you need to look for in Los Angeles. These doctors are the best in their craft. They have the certification, knowledge, skills and experience. I guarantee that you will not regret if you choose any of these surgeons.

Doctor / ClinicEstimated Augmentation CostsOther SpecialtiesRating
Dr. Eugene Kim$7500
keller funnel, rhinoplasty, facial plastic surgery4.8
Dr. Rady Rahban$5,000-$15,000body contouring, facial surgery4.9
Dr. John Diaz$5000 - $10000rhinoplasty, skin rejuvenation, liposuction5.0

Dr. Eugene Kim, MD Review


Dr. Eugene Kim is a double board-certified Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon. He is the number one go-to surgeon in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. So I guarantee you that he delivers the best results.

Dr. Kim earned his BA degree in Dartmouth College Hanover, New Hampshire. He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey-New Jersey Medical School of Newark.

Dr. Kim is dedicated to providing you the highest level of care in Los Angeles. He has exceptional abilities to communicate with you and understand your needs. In this way, you can work together to achieve your desired results.

📌The great thing about Dr. Kim is that he knows that breast augmentation is not a one-size-fits-all procedure. He will customize the procedure to fit accordingly to your needs.

Dr. Kim and his staff provide a world-class and personalized care. His team is polite and friendly. His clinic is very clean and relaxing. Any surgery will always get on your nerve, so a peaceful environment is effective in calming you down.

You will surely delight because Dr. Kim offers a free consultation. Also, he accepts financing. In fact, you can apply at his office directly and the process only takes minutes. With this payment plan, you do not need to pay the full cost to get the surgery done. Dr. Kim’s team is here to help you afford the surgery you desire at a

Dr. Kim is the man when it comes to breast augmentation in Los Angeles. I highly recommend this surgeon.

Location: 436 North Bedford Dr., Ste. 305, Beverly Hills, CA, 9021
Phone Number: (310)271-6996
Estimated Breast Augmentation Cost: $7500
Breast Augmentation Before and After: 

Dr. Eugene Kim, MD


  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Free consultation
  • Polite and friendly staff
  • Impressive educational background
  • Accepts financing
  • Accepts credit card
  • Accepts insurance
  • Encourages you to ask questions
  • Very patient with your concerns


  • None

Dr. Rady Rahban


Dr. Rady Rahban is a renowned Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Beverly Hills, California. His works have been praised on “Best Of LA” and in “Newsweek.” He was also featured on a hit show on E! and T LC. Yes, that’s how influential he is.

Dr. Rahban completed his undergraduate at the University of California, Los Angeles. In addition to this, he received numerous scholastic awards during his early academic years, such as graduating summa cum laude and with Departmental Highest Honors. He also graduated in the top 10% of his class.

Dr. Rahban has an exceptional training in plastic surgery. He was exposed to the full spectrum of both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. He had the opportunity to work with the best and most respected plastic surgeons, which helps him develop the skills and the eye of a great doctor.

His work is also clean, the scar is barely visible. Aside from this, he is very good at making you feel comfortable during the entire process from the consultation, surgery and post-op care. He has an impressive bedside manner that will make you feel at ease.

📌Another edge that Dr. Rahban has is his being tri-lingual, which allows him to work with more patients from different countries smoothly. He is fluent in English, Spanish and Farsi. If you are from Latin America or Western Persian who speaks any of the aforementioned languages you will not have trouble working with Dr. Rahban.

In addition to this, Dr. Rahban accepts financing to help you afford the surgery you desire. Among the payment plans he honors are Prosper Healthcare Lending, CareCredit, MedicalFinancing and The Help Card.

Dr. Rahban has an impressive profile, skills and experience. His attitude in handling clients and his knowledgeable and well-trained staff are another factors that will draw you to his clinic. If you check his reviews, everyone was satisfied and happy. So, I highly recommend Dr. Rahban.

Location: 9730 Wilshire Blvd Suite 215 Beverly Hills, CA 90212
Phone Number: (424) 354-2053
Estimated Breast Augmentation Cost: $5000-$15000
Breast Augmentation Before and After: http://plasticsurgeonnyc.com/breast-augmentation-manhattan-nyc/

Dr. Rady Rahban


  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • Has impressive profile
  • Offers impressive suggestions
  • Can speak three languages
  • Patient in listening to your questions
  • Discusses your concern in details
  • Accepts financing
  • Has great reviews
  • Had been featured on magazines and TV shows
  • Helpful and accommodating staff


  • None

Dr. John Diaz, MD, FACS


Dr. John Diaz is one of the most popular names in Los Angeles when it comes to surgery. He has an impressive profile, experience and of course, skills.

Dr. Diaz graduated from Cornell University and received a scholarship to attend the prestigious Albert College of Medicine in New York. He graduated with the highest honors and received the Alpha Omega Alpha Award, which is only given to the top 10% of medical students in the country.

Dr. Diaz has the knowledge, skills and expertise in the craft, especially in breast augmentation. In fact, he wrote the book, “A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Augmentation” that serves as a great start for your breast enhancement journey.

The great thing about Dr. Diaz is his humility. Despite his educational attainment and awards, he always listens to his patients. He wanted to deliver the results you wanted, so he hear and pay attention to your concerns and answer it in details.

📌In addition to this, he uses a 3D imaging technology to allow you to see the results post-surgery. This machinery will help you pick the right size for your frame because you can see the probable output on the computer.

His customers are very happy and satisfied with his service. Aside from the aforementioned, you will be pleased because he also accepts credit cards, insurance and financing. For the latter, he accepts Prosper Healthcare Lending and Credit Care.

Dr. Diaz has everything that you are looking for a great surgeon. The majority of his patients find him due to the great reviews he received. He is highly recommended.

Location: 4465 N. Roxbury Drive, Penthouse Suite Beverly Hills, California 90210 US
Phone: (424) 732-7086
EstimatedBreast Augmentation Cost: $5000 – $10000
Breast Augmentation Before and After: http://www.drjohndiaz.com/breast-procedures

Dr. John Diaz, MD


  • Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
  • He has an impressive credential, skill and experience
  • Uses 3D imaging during consultation
  • He accepts credit cards
  • He accepts financing
  • He accepts insurance
  • Staff is knowledgeable, accommodating and helpful
  • Great post-op care


  • By appointment only

Are You Ready for Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation is the solution to end your breast issues. I know that women have different concerns on their boobs. If you are considering this, but you can’t still decide, see our checklist below before taking the surgery:

  • Do you have small, uneven or saggy breasts?
  • Does dressing up take time because you have to adjust your clothing to look good?
  • Do you feel terrible with your dress?
  • Do you feel bad and ugly because of the shape of your breasts?
  • Are you a mom who wishes to regain the beautiful breasts you once have but lost due to pregnancy and breastfeeding?
  • Do you wish to correct a failed procedure?
  • Do you believe that this surgery can enhance your self-esteem?

If you say “yes” to any of the questions above, then breast surgery is for you.

Breast surgery offers a life-changing experience that will surely surprise you in positive ways.

Breast augmentation is the solution to your small, uneven and saggy breasts. By getting this procedure, you need not endure the long dressing time to adjust your boobs so it will look good on your dress. Also, you will feel relieved because you won’t have to face those terrible feelings anymore. Gone are the days when your self-esteem is too low due to  your boobs.

In addition to this, having beautiful boobs will not only make you feel happy and pretty. Others will also start to notice how attractive you are. If your friends or neighbors used to ignore you, you’ll be surprised at how they will appreciate your look following the surgery.

Breast augmentation does not only enhance your breast. It gives a positive impression about you, so the world will see how amazing you are. As for yourself, it will not only make you feel better physically. It will also boost your confidence and will definitely make you feel great emotionally.

You should not fear this procedure because this is safe and effective. Hundreds of doctors perform this procedure daily and thousands of women subject themselves in this surgery. There are no reported deaths and those who have gone through this procedure are very happy and satisfied that they did.

As for funding the procedure, a number of surgeons accept credit card, check and financing. With the latter, you will be able to get the procedure without the long wait. This will also give you a payment plan that fits your budget perfectly. I’ll discuss more of this in the next section.

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles Financing

Breast augmentation is made affordable in Los Angeles because clinics and surgeons accept financing. These payment plans allow you to pay the surgery in the most convenient term according to your budget. Among the popular financing in the state are the following:


Prosper Healthcare Lending

This is the premier financing company in the healthcare industry. It has already helped over 250,000 people. Among the benefits you will get from this financing are:

  • Immediate decisions for loans under $35,000
  • Lower payments and longer terms
  • No collateral
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Fast and easy loan inquiry process
  • 100% confidential

Care Credit

The nation’s leading patient payment program. Offers a comprehensive range of plan with low minimum monthly payments that fit comfortably into every budget.

  • Allows you to start treatment and care immediately while paying for it over time
  • Pay for other medical expenses for you and your family without having to reapply
  • Pay for deductibles and treatment not covered by insurance
  • No annual fees

Medical Financing

Affordable financing programs that you can apply through the doctors’ office with flexible payment options and low monthly payments.

• Fixed rates starting as low as 5.9%
• Interest rebate programs up to 12 months
• Fixed low monthly payments
• 12-84 months terms
• No prepayment penalty
• Bad credit financing available with a co-applicant
• Easy application and quick approval
• Offers customized and affordable payment plan according to your budget

The Help Card

An alternative payment program that offers fees up to $10,000 upon request and approval. It has a comprehensive range of plans with low minimum monthly payments that will surely fit into your budget.

• Start treatment and care immediately and pay over time
• Pay for other medical expenses
• Pay for deductibles and treatment not covered by insurance
• Low to no annual fees


Breast Augmentation Los Angeles Free Consultation

If you are in Los Angeles, there are tons of surgeons who offer free breast augmentation consultation in your area. I suggest that you check out for this free service near your location as this is a good start to finding the best doctor to do the surgery for you.

In general, a free consultation is everywhere due to high competition. Even popular clinics and surgeons offer this. A free consultation is a great opportunity to talk with the doctors and weigh his or her expertise. Doctors take this as their chance to reach out to their prospect customers and offer them a discount if they book for a surgery. So, I urge you to try this service.

However, I also wanted to remind you that not all surgeons offer this for free. Consultation takes time. Most doctors will spend an hour or so with you during the consultation also, so others might ask for a fee.

There’s nothing wrong in consulting different doctors. In fact, this is more helpful as you can compare their different approaches. This will also give you an idea about their bedside manner. In this way, you are closer to making a sound decision as to who will perform the breast augmentation procedure for you.


As a woman, we know that our boobs can be a source of confidence or apprehension. If we are not happy with our bosom we suffer every time we look ourselves in the mirror. The good thing is that you don’t have to deal with it all your life. Breast augmentation is the solution to your small, uneven and saggy breasts.

The names above are the best breast augmentation surgeons in Los Angeles. They already proved their expertise in the number of happy and satisfied patients that they handled. Do you know the surgeons on the list? How do you find their service? Let us know to help other future clients decide.

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